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A Few of My Favorite Things: Traditions That Bring the Season Alive

By • Catholic Online • 12/6/2011

Far beyond the decorations I've been pulling out of boxes all week, my most favorite Christmas things are the traditions we unpack and dust off during this joyful season.  Simple and profound, done with paper, yarn, glue and lots of prayer, these little efforts reap wonderful spiritual rewards ...

John the Baptizer calls us to Prepare the Way for the Lord

Prepare the Way: Congregation for the Clergy on the Second Sunday of Advent

By • Catholic Online • 12/5/2011

The entire liturgy of the Second Sunday of Advent revolves around this phrase from the Prophet Isaiah.  The Lord calls each of us to a true opening of heart so that we can welcome his coming.  While the heart often finds itself on crooked roads, it is restored by two fundamental factors: ...

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The mystery of our reconciliation with God

By • Catholic Online • 12/5/2011

The divine nature and the nature of a servant were to be united in one person so that the Creator of time might be born in time. To speak of our Lord, the son of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as true and perfect man is of no value to us if we do not believe that he is descended from the line of ...

John the Baptizer

The Happy Priest: John the Baptist Shows Us How to be a Witness

By • Catholic Online • 12/4/2011

John the Baptist commands our interest because he is a witness.  By his witness, he reminds us that we are called to be witnesses.  And in any age, to be a witness is challenging.We must witness that what we have found in Christ Jesus is true, real and worth living out to the ultimate ...

Let the word of the Lord come to us

By • Catholic Online • 12/4/2011

The first coming was in flesh and weakness, the middle coming is in spirit and power, and the final coming will be in glory and majesty. WASHINGTON (Catholic Online) - We know that the coming of the Lord is threefold: the third coming is between the other two and it is not visible in the way they ...

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Advent Reflection: Children are Promise Carriers

By • Catholic Online • 12/4/2011

In my most desperate times my three year old has been known to hold my face in his miniature hands and tell me 'You’re my pleasure'. BETHPAGE, TN (Catholic Online) - “Before God, who is eternal, you are much more a child than, before you, the tiniest toddler. And besides being a child, you are a ...

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St. Charles Borromeo: On the Meaning of Advent

By • Catholic Online • 12/4/2011

When we remove all obstacles to his presence he will come, at any hour and moment, to dwell spiritually in our hearts, bringing with him the riches of his grace. CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) - This reflection is taken from the Office of readings for the first week of Advent. It is an excerpt ...

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Pope: Christ Child Calls for end to Suffering for Children

Vatican Information Service • 12/2/2011

The glory of the true God becomes visible when the eyes of our hearts are opened before the stable of Bethlehem. VATICAN CITY (VIS) - The Pope celebrated Midnight Mass tonight in the Vatican Basilica on the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord. "God stoops down", the Pope said in his homily. ...

My 'no' to life became magnified by Mary's 'yes'.  I also was all too aware of the absence of toys that would never be brought by Santa and place

The Birth of Mercy: Being Post Abortive in the Advent and Christmas Seasons

By • Catholic Online • 12/1/2011

I can still remember it as if it were yesterday, making Christmas stockings for my nieces and nephews the Christmas immediately following my abortion. That was over 40 years ago, yet I remember those stockings vividly; the materials, the graphics, the pain of sewing them together as I thought of my ...

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Pope Benedict: 'You Can No Longer Fear Me, You Can Only Love Me'

By • Vatican Information Service • 12/1/2011

Yes, Lord, help us to see something of the splendour of your glory. And grant peace on earth. Make us men and women of your peace. Amen. ROME (Vatican Information Service) - Here below, is the full-text English translation of Benedict XVI's homily from Midnight Mass in St Peter's: Dear ...

Great Christmas Gift Ideas