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Here's where the magnetic field is weakest, and why Africa may be ground zero for a pole shift event Watch

Image of The South Atlantic Anomaly is the subject of new research and is providing new insights into how the Earth's magnetic field works.

Scientists studying magnetic pole reversals now have an idea of where and how they may start. Figuring this out could help them determine ... continue reading

Is Global Warming Fake Science? Whistleblower says NOAA put politics before science to influence 2015 Paris Climate talks Watch

Image of Forget the polar bears. The political environment is heating up and NOAA must adapt.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) prematurely published a report continuing manipulated data in an effort to ... continue reading

Socialism for the rich - Why Californians are paying more and more for electricity while supply goes up Watch

Image of California wants to ensure power companies make profits on their investments. This is another form of welfare, but for the rich. Socialism works for everybody but the taxpayer.

California produces so much electricity, regulators are closing new power plants and running others far below capacity. At the same time, ... continue reading

The magnetic field is weakening, and the poles may reverse, but should you worry? Watch

Image of The aurora are caused by charged particles that are drawn into the atmosphere by Earth's magnetic field where they strike gas molecules, causing them to glow.

Every day it seems a new threat to humanity is uncovered. Today's concern is the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field, which ... continue reading

California dying: 102 MILLION trees perish in epic die-off as 7.7 million acres turn brown FOREVER Watch

Image of These trees are dead and they're not coming back. And they will burn.

An ecological disaster in slow motion has taken place in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, and few people are aware of it. Nobody ... continue reading

GIANT GAP discovered in the Earth: Is it dangerous? Watch

Image of Scientists have discovered a new danger in the Arizona desert.

The Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) sent a drone out into the Arizona desert. What they captured on film can turn the once beautiful ... continue reading

Only when there is more plastic than fish in the ocean, we will realize we can't eat plastic Watch

Image of A seal is choked by plastic. As it grows, its circulation and breathing will be restricted, as well as its ability to hunt or escape diminished. For each animal we see, there are hundreds we never see to help.

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) -- You cannot eat plastic. Every day, the ... continue reading

A little something to brighten your day from Catholic Online Watch

Image of Check our some cute animals to brighten your day.

Sometimes we have days that go so badly we just want to go home, curl up into a ball, and shut out the world. God created a beautiful world ... continue reading

The ultimate Bond villain? China plans to make it rain with $168 million weather control program Watch

Image of This? It's just a radar array. But China does plan to deploy more mundane means to control the weather.

China is going to expand a climate engineering program and is prepared to invest billions into a scheme to increase rainfall over 370,000 ... continue reading

2016 is the hottest year on record - so what? Watch

Image of Why should anyone care if the world is a degree, or even half a degree, hotter?

It seems like 2016 is now officially the hottest year on record since records were kept. It's a disturbing milestone, and a sign of a ... continue reading

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