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Family Genealogy of Saint Pope John Paul II

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Karol WOJTYLA Sr. (father) an Army lieutenant, was born on July 18, 1879 in Lipnik, near Bielsko, Poland and died on February 18, 1941 in Kraków, Poland.

Emilia KACZOROWSKI (mother) was born on March 26, 1884 in Kraków, Poland. She died in childbirth on April 13, 1929.

  • Edmund WOJTYLA (brother) was born on August 27, 1906 and died of scarlet fever in 1932 in Wadowice, Poland.
  • Olga WOJTYLA (sister) was born and died in 1914.
  • Karol Jozef WOJTYLA (Saint Pope John Paul II)


Maciej WOJTYLA was born on January 1, 1852 in Czaniec, Poland and died on September 2, 1923 in Lipnik, near Bielsko, Poland. He was a master tailor.
Anna PRZECZEK was born date unknown and died in 1882.

  • Parents of Karol WOJTYLA Sr.

Feliks KACZOROWSKI was born June 26, 1849 in Biala (now Bielsko), Poland and died in 1908. He was a pack-saddle maker and carriage refurbisher.
Maria Anna SCHOLZ was born in 1853 and died in 1897.

  • Parents of Emilia KACZOROWSKI

Great Grandparents

Franciszek WOJTYLA was born on March 25, 1826 in Czaniec, Poland.
Franciszka GALUSZKA

  • Parents of Maciej WOJTYLA

Franciszek PRZECZEK was born in Lipnik, near Bielsko, Poland.
Maria HESS

  • Parents of Anna PRZECZEK

Mikolaj KACZOROWSKI was born in Biala (now Bielsko), Poland.

  • Parents of Feliks KACZOROWSKI

Jan SCHOLZ was born in Biala (now Bielsko), Poland.

  • Parents of Maria Anna SCHOLZ