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The Catholic vote determines the presidency once again - How did it break down? Watch

Image of What was the Catholic vote breakdown?

Catholics voted once again for the winning presidential candidate in Tuesday's election, as they have done in recent elections. Washington ... continue reading

Vatican prays Trump's presidency will bring peace: 'Lord illuminate him and sustain him in the service of his homeland' Watch

Image of The Vatican prays Trump will promote peace.

The Vatican has released a statement and offers prayers for the new President of the United States: Donald Trump. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic ... continue reading

CONGRATULATIONS TO DONALD TRUMP, 45th President of the United States! Congratulations America! Watch

Image of Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump is the 45th president elect of the United States. His victory comes at the end of one of the most acrimonious election cycles ... continue reading

Can the Church tell you how to vote? How millions of Catholics have been led astray by satan this election Watch

Image of 'Render unto Caesar' Somehow we have mistaken separated moral issues and political issues, to our collective peril.

Our politicians have separated morality from governing and convinced everybody that your faith and your politics should be separated. This ... continue reading

Here's why you're poor. NINE MILLION MORE bureaucrats than manufacturing jobs Watch

Image of We now manufacture more red tape than goods.

With the election underway, Americans seem to have forgot that Obama is still in power. And for those of you who think Obama is an amazing ... continue reading

What does the Church say about voting? Watch

Image of

As Americans across the country prepare to step into the voting booth tomorrow, what are the most important principles for Catholics ... continue reading

Did President Obama encourage illegals to vote? Watch

Image of President Obama encouraged illegals to vote?

In a viral video of U.S. President Barack Obama interviewing with Gina Rodriguez, many believe he supports the illegal vote. LOS ANGELES, ... continue reading

Catholic vote too close to predict - 'We just don't have enough data' Watch

Image of What will the Catholic vote determine?

A new poll released Friday shows Donald Trump winning the Catholic vote by 16 points - but is it an accurate prediction of how Catholics ... continue reading

Guest Columnist: Matt Barber - Agents Must Now Blow Whistle on Clinton/Obama Corruption

Image of J. Matt Barber

A preponderance of legal and political analysts agree that the level of corruption and cover-up forcing Richard Nixon to resign his ... continue reading

Ken Blackwell: Save The Children, Vote Pro-Life. There's No Middle Ground! Watch

Image of Ken Blackwell, is a Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at the Family Research Council.

Planned Parenthood receives about half a billion in taxpayer dollars annually but it doesn't want the public to know how much of their ... continue reading

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