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House panel accuses Planned Parenthood of major abuse Watch

Image of Planned Parenthood's court battle is not going well.

Abuses and possibly criminal violations are occurring in the fetal tissue trade between abortion clinics and tissue harvesters, concluded ... continue reading

INSANE - California liberals legalize child prostitution Watch

Image of California has legalized child sex prostitution.

California has legalized child prostitution. A new law, SB 1322 prohibits police from arresting minors engaged in prostitution. Critics say ... continue reading

Donald Trump boasts impressive inauguration lineup with SIX big names, including Cardinal Dolan Watch

Image of Cardinal Dolan will be reading from the Bible at Donald Trump's inauguration.

Donald Trump is a big name in the business and political world. Those invited to speak at his presidential inauguration next month are just ... continue reading

Is Obama sabotaging Trump? Obama issued 3,853 new regulations in 2016 alone Watch

Image of Is Obama attempting to sabotage Trump's presidency by slamming though thousands of new regulations before he leaves office?

Is Obama sabotaging Trump's presidency? Obama has ordered an average of 18 new regulations for every law passed by Congress. LOS ANGELES, ... continue reading

The loophole in a new California law that could allow 800,000 ILLEGAL immigrants to vote Watch

Image of Illegal immigrants can drive in California. Now will they be able to vote too? The DMV says no.

In the two years since California passed a new law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, over 800,000 people have ... continue reading

Feast of the Holy Innocents: No to Funding Abortion in Health Care. Stop Killing Children!

Image of Every child killed by voluntary abortion in our own age is a Holy Innocent. Every politician who supports this killing, implicitly or explicitly, carries on the evil act of Herod.

On this Feast of the Holy Innocents let us demand that abortion is not health care. It is a barbaric practice masquerading as freedom. ... continue reading

Is 2017 the year we will have a NUCLEAR WAR? Some very smart people think so Watch

Image of The world is close to a nuclear war. Will it finally happen in 2017?

With so many changes happening in the world, some are looking at 2017 as the year we finally see a nuclear war. A nuclear war would involve ... continue reading

Obama tells Trump, 'Don't issue too many executive orders.' IS HE KIDDING? Watch

Image of Obama has told Trump not to issue too many executive orders.

President Obama is preparing to leave office, and as he goes he has some advice for President-elect Trump, don't sign too many executive ... continue reading

Politics should serve science, not the other way around. Obama administration FIRES scientist who refused to tow party line Watch

Image of Obama fired a scientist whose facts disagreed with his ideology.

A scientist from the Department of Energy was fired from his position for saying too much to legislators during a briefing on the 2014 Low ... continue reading

Try to reverse THIS! Obama uses old law to restrict offshore drilling Watch

Image of Obama has banned offshore drilling from several sites off the coast. Trump will not be able to  undo the order, thanks to a 1953 law.

As President Obama begins his final 30 days in office, he is focusing on legacy policies that will define his presidency. From pardoning ... continue reading

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