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Tom Price appointed as new HHS Secretary - Here's why this is a major victory for PRO-LIFE! Watch

Image of Tom Price is our new HHS Secretary, which is a major win for Pro-Life efforts.

In a victory for life, the Senate confirmed Tom Price (R-GA), early Friday morning as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Price is ... continue reading

Jeff Sessions confirmed as the new AG - Here's how your senator voted Watch

Image of Jeff Sessions is our new Attorney General. Will he investigate the Clintons?

The Senate has confirmed Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General. The vote was 52-47, mostly along party lines, which is unsurprising. ... continue reading

Will Pope Francis meet U.S. President Donald Trump in May? Watch

Image of What would happen if Pope Francis met President Trump?

Pope Francis could meet with President Donald Trump at the end of May. Vatican City, Italy (CNA) - The British newspaper The Tablet, citing ... continue reading

Sanctuary Cities cost taxpayers $27 billion each year -- Here's what's coming next Watch

Image of Cities like San Francisco rely on federal funds, but they are also filled with illegal immigrants, attracted by their sanctuary city status.

Sanctuary cities are costing taxpayers money that might be saved under the Trump administration. There are 106 self-identified cities in ... continue reading

Now we know why prominent Republicans have been so anti-Trump -- they have a secret master Watch

Image of John McCain and Lindsey Graham both took money from George Soros, and they are two of President Trump's biggest opponents. How many betrayals did Soros buy?

The biggest hypocrites in the Republican party have been exposed. Evidence has surfaced that shows prominent Republicans are on the take ... continue reading

Betsy DeVos is confirmed as education secretary, and why that's good news for many parents Watch

Image of Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Secretary of Education following a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence.

Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as President Trump's new education secretary. Her confirmation was contentious as critics blasted what they ... continue reading

Doctors who refuse to abort babies may soon be protected with new bill Watch

Image of Doctors could be protected from saying no to abortion practices (WiseGeek).

A bill that would protect health care providers' freedom to opt-out of abortion mandates they find objectionable has once again been ... continue reading

The one thing that will determine what happens to Trump's immigration ban Watch

Image of Trump holds his executive order banning immigration for refugees and from seven countries until Homeland Security can revamp vetting procedures.

President Trump's immigration ban from seven Muslim countries is unlikely to come back, unless he can seat a ninth Supreme Court Justice ... continue reading

Here comes that wall! Border wall could take as little as TWO YEARS to complete as plans develop Watch

Image of Walls are already up in some places and have been for years. Trump's plan would make the wall comprehensive, stretching from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.

President Trump's wall may be finished much sooner than expected. Homeland Security chief, John Kelly told Fox News he thinks the wall can ... continue reading

Trumps nominates Neil Gorsuch for the SCOTUS, but how are his Catholic credentials? Watch

Image of Neil Gorsuch shares many views in common with Catholics.

President Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Democrats are vowing to oppose his nomination and are threatening a ... continue reading

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