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Burying a St. Joseph Statue

5/3/2008 - 04:16 PST

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to ways in which we grow and learn as Catholics because, of course, websites faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium offer a wealth of information as well. But how many other sites are out there, just waiting to pull us in?

But let’s get back, specifically, to burying that St. Joseph statue. As a Catholic it is important to understand that we do believe in our ability to ask for intercession. However, unlike other Christian faiths, we are not limited to those who are with us now, in the flesh and blood, but we also rely on those who have gone before us, the whole of the “Communion of Saints.” We also have what are called “Patron Saints.”

Catholics need only to look to the Catechism (truly an easy-to-read book absolutely filled with every single thing you need to know about our faith) to understand that the communion of saints is that body of Christ that includes the living and the dead; thus, our ability to ask for intercession knows no earthly bounds.

Patron Saints would be those faithful elect who are believed to be in God’s presence and are given to us as heavenly intercessors for a variety of specific needs. For instance, St. Luke is the Patron Saint of Surgeons while St. Rita is the Patron Saint of Parenthood. And, as you can probably guess by now, St. Joseph as he was a carpenter, although the Patron Saint of the Universal Church, is also seen as a Patron Saint of homes and, for the past few decades or more, home sales. Sadly, I came across a website offering a “Real Estate Spell Kit” that included: 1 Dressed and Blessed Saint Joseph Candle, 1 Statuette of Saint Joseph, 1 Bottle Saint Joseph Oil, 1 Saint Joseph Chromo Print, and 1 Saint Joseph Holy Card. It was actually called a ‘spell kit!’ I can only hope and pray that no Catholic has purchased this kit.

Now, what does the Catholic Church specifically teach about such practices as burying a St. Joseph statue to sell a home? Interestingly, because the Church in her wisdom understands her own roots and teachings, and has great confidence in her people, neither agrees nor disagrees with such practices. Essentially the Church says, although these are my words and not hers, “When you abide by the practices of our faith and never cross into superstition induced behavior, it could make perfect sense to bury a statue because it isn’t the act of burying the statue that you see as having value and benefit but, instead, the intercession of St. Joseph, whom you rightly call upon for help. These things that move you towards a deeper relationship with God and an understanding of His commands can be good for you. They can help you grow in your faith.”

But beware! The Church counts on us to understand her teachings and move forward in wisdom and knowledge so that all we do reflects what the Church teaches us about our faith. When we are not grounded in the teachings of our one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church, we are vulnerable and might rightly be called to task for our behavior.

So, with spring here and many people putting their homes up for sale, all I ask is this…Should someone approach you about burying a statue of St. Joseph please don’t tell them it will bring you luck! We Catholics don’t need the bad press.

Cheryl Dickow is a Catholic publisher, author, and speaker. Her website is


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St. Joseph

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  1. Sistina Peluso
    4 weeks ago

    I am a catholic and I feel so sad when I hear people still believe by burying a statue of St. Joseph is good luck, this is superstition.
    I believe that you may get what you ask for ,but it is not from God, he may allow it but it is the evil one ,so that you may get away from our true God, yes our Faith is NOT in superstition but in the word of God only,
    Just pray to St. Joseph so through his intersection The Lord Our God will grant your wish if he allows it, God only gives good things to his children.
    God Bless!

  2. Marilyn Albanese
    2 years ago

    I was disappointed in the article, because there was no mention of what the Scriptures have to say about this practice. Psalm 115, from Catholic On-line, is clear when it states:

    Not to us, Yahweh, not to us, but to your name give the glory, for your faithful love and your constancy!
    Why should the nations ask, 'Where is their God?'
    Our God is in heaven, he creates whatever he chooses.
    They have idols of silver and gold, made by human hands.
    These have mouths but say nothing, have eyes but see nothing,
    have ears but hear nothing, have noses but smell nothing.
    They have hands but cannot feel, have feet but cannot walk, no sound comes from their throats.
    Their makers will end up like them, and all who rely on them.
    House of Israel, rely on Yahweh; he is their help and their shield.
    House of Aaron, rely on Yahweh; he is their help and their shield.
    You who fear Yahweh, rely on Yahweh; he is their help and their shield.
    Yahweh will keep us in mind, he will bless, he will bless the House of Israel, he will bless the House of Aaron,
    he will bless those who fear Yahweh, small and great alike.
    May Yahweh add to your numbers, yours and your children's too!
    May you be blessed by Yahweh, who made heaven and earth.
    Heaven belongs to Yahweh, but earth he has given to the children of Adam.
    The dead cannot praise Yahweh, those who sink into silence,
    but we, the living, shall bless Yahweh, henceforth and for ever.

    We have a responsibility as Catholics and as Christians to know what the WORD says and then to apply it to our lives before we practice in idolatry. If idolatry works it is because it is a powerful force but not, according to this, from God. God is more powerful and able to bless us and to protect us according to His Word.

  3. anon
    5 years ago

    Folks, I think the thing to take from this article is that to believe in the intercessory power of a saint is fine and right with Catholic belief. It is the belief that something, anything, needs to be buried or otherwise ritualized is where the danger lies. That is a practice in superstition, and therefore directly opposed to our beliefs. I like the poster who said she put a statue in honor on her table and respectfully petitioned the saint to be present in her home and aid in the sale. Great idea.

  4. Gil
    5 years ago

    I am not Catholic but I find burying a statue of anyone is somewhat disrespectful. But,as crazy as burying a St. Joseph statue sounds it works. We sold our house in a couple of weeks after burying a statue.
    Before that no interest in the house at all. Just lookers no bites.
    The funny thing is that in a townhouse complex like ours there are many houses alike. One just like ours has been for sale for months now and for less money. It's still for sale. Strange !!!
    P.S. Please if you bury St. Joseph dig it up right after the sale and give it a place of importance.

  5. Kathryn
    5 years ago

    This article wasn't being "mean" to St. Joseph as one commenter wrote "be nice to St. Joseph". It was explaining that our Faith is NOT in superstition. I personally think it is sick than any Catholic who has a grip on their Faith would do such a thing as bury a statue of a saint or as some do BURY THE STATUE UPSIDE DOWN (they say that is the only way it works). This is so disrespectful to the saint and a disgrace to our Faith!
    But sadly, even parish priests will bless these little statues just for this purpose. (see link: We should have more teaching of things like these from the pulpits. It's sins like these that are quite common amongst ignorant Catholics.

  6. Becky Miller
    5 years ago

    We buried our nativity St. Joseph in the flower bed 4 days ago after listing it in the MLS 6 days ago and we sold it that very day. This past Wednesday, 5-6-09!! The next day we received a back-up offer from another couple.
    This is my third time since March of 2000 that I buried St. Joe to sell my home.
    The first time was after the house was on the market for 3 months and as I was finishing burying it the realtor drove up, went in with the client and walked out saying she wanted the house AND the furniture!! We did not accept her low offer but 2 days later a 2nd offer came in higher ,we accepted it and on the 3rd day a 3rd back-up offer came in! Basically we had 3 people fighting over the house within 72 hours of the statue burial. In 2006 I again buried one I bought on-line and within 5 days a really good offer came in. I readily accepted it! This was in post katrina NOLA and we were competing against 77 other listings in my zip code.
    I totally believe in the intercessory powers of saints.

  7. Jean Stanowicki
    5 years ago

    I detest this idea that one has to bury St. Joseph in the ground in order for him to help. Even more appalling is that there are many people who bury him upside down. How disrespectful! I have been asked about the practice by many non-catholic friends and I always tell them that it is a totally unacceptable practice. Where on earth did this idea come from? I have even been in a couple of Catholic religious articles stores and have seen the kits for sale. (I think next time I will object to the proprietor.) St. Joseph is a wonderful saint - quiet, strong, loving, obedient, faithful. Perhaps you can tell that I dearly love St. Joseph. Seriously, all one needs to do is ask him for help! Just ask him! Don't bury him! This is a highly disrespectful practice that oozes superstition. PLEASE ASK ANYONE WHO DOES THIS TO STOP! Thank you.

  8. Sheep
    6 years ago

    I have prayed to St. Joseph the same day for my parents as they have gotten their house sold. About 45 mintues after I prayed to ST Joseph. Be nice to St, Joseph.

  9. mary dubois
    6 years ago

    i put a statue of st joseph from my manger set in plastic standing behind a bush and asked him to help sell my house. which happen with in two weeks. but also gave my daughter one when she went looking for a house. as he is a carpenter to check the house . i also lent my st joseph to a neighbor in this difficult times and she also was able to sell her house. quicker then others.but i am looking for st joseph oil for my son in law who was hurt and is still in pain. i did have oil from someone but through the years miss placed it. mary

  10. Laura
    6 years ago

    Sadly this is true. There's an epidemic where us catholics know little about our faith and fall into wrong practices while giving outsiders wrongful impressions about our faith.

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