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Waterboarding: Catholic law professor says such torture methods are intrinsically evil

By • Catholic San Francisco • 3/3/2008

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Catholic San Francisco) - Testifying last month before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Michael Mukasey repeatedly refused to describe the practice of “waterboarding” — which simulates death by drowning — on suspected terrorists as torture and an illegal ...

Catholic Online

George Weigel on his new book ‘Faith, Reason and the War Against Jihadism’

By • Denver Catholic Register • 3/3/2008

DENVER, Colo. (Denver Catholic Register) - Denver Catholic Register columnist George Weigel, one of America’s foremost public intellectuals and a prolific author, was in the Denver Archdiocese last week for a lecture. He spoke with the Register about his new book, “Faith, Reason and the War Against ...

...AND YOU VISITED ME - Geraldine Mulligan (left), president of First Friends, holds the microphone for guitar-toting Father Jack Martin, parochial vicar at St. Mary of the Assumption Parish in Elizabeth, at the annual ecumenical Ash Wednesday vigil held outside the Elizabeth Detention Center. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus speaks about welcoming 'the stranger' and comforting those who are poor and imprisoned.

‘Friends’ offer compassion to asylum seekers

By • The Catholic Advocate • 2/29/2008

ELIZABETH, N.J. (Catholic Advocate) - First Friends, a volunteer group based out of St. Mary of the Assumption Parish, puts Catholic compassion and social teaching into action by simply "being there" for international asylum seekers at the Elizabeth Detention Center. In addition to its charitable ...

Catholic Online

Montana-grown sister, priest discuss their vocations and how to attract others

By • The Harvest • 2/29/2008

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (The Harvest) - Family, role models, praying the rosary, and teachers are among sources that attracted home-grown vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Some of the Montana-born sisters and priests recalled in interviews what attracted them to their vocations that have ...

Catholic Online

Young Catholics embrace Jesus’ message, but not his practices, college survey says

By • The Georgia Bulletin • 2/28/2008

ATLANTA, Ga. (The Georgia Bulletin) -The youngest Catholics may not be sitting in the pews, but they have picked up Jesus’ key message. Serving the poor is a core belief of the Catholic faith for some 91 percent of so-called “Millennial” Catholics, according to a survey done by Catholic University ...

Catholic Online

Homeless ‘dying without dignity’ in Los Angeles County: 3,000 in seven years

By • The Tidings • 2/28/2008

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (The Tidings) - Anthony Aberasturi, Jose Bacerano, Martin Cabe, Tania Eberts, Robert Gonzales, Larry Hudson, Danielle Klein, Parker Lucas, John McIntosh, Bobby Palmer, Leopolo Tapia, Hector Vasquez. These are just a dozen of the nearly 3,000 men, women and children who died ...

Catholic Online

S.D. Church backs initiative to limit abortion

By • West River Catholic • 2/27/2008

Editor’s note: The following provides information in a question-and-answer format regarding the position of the Diocese of Rapid City with regard to a petition to place on the November 2008 ballot a proposed initiative titled “An act to protect the lives of unborn children, and the interests and ...

Catholic Online

Belmont Abbey College strikes abortion, contraception from insurance policy

The Catholic News & Herald • 2/27/2008

BELMONT, S.C. (The Catholic News & Herald) — Health care coverage contradictory to Catholic Church teaching has been removed from Belmont Abbey College. In December 2007, college officials realized the college employee health care plan covered abortion, contraception and voluntary sterilization. ...

Catholic Online

Faith, campus relationships in a ‘hook-up’ culture explored at religious ed workshop

By • The Tidings • 2/27/2008

LOS ANGELES, CA (The Tidings) - Does the faith practice of college students influence their sexual decision making? At the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, Dr. Tom Beaudoin, assistant professor of religious studies at Santa Clara University, will present recent research on that provocative ...

Catholic Online

Ga. Catholics oppose immigration, life bills

By • The Georgia Bulletin • 2/26/2008

ATLANTA, Ga. (The Georgia Bulletin) - At a committee hearing this month, the Georgia Catholic Conference opposed a proposal at the Georgia Statehouse that would allow authorities to seize the cars of illegal immigrants. The proposed legislation, HB 978, allows a police officer to seize a vehicle ...

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