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NASA announcement: Could it be aliens? Watch

Image of What is the great discovery? The world waits.

The world waits with bated breath for a big announcement due from NASA on Wednesday. The announcement will take place at 1 PM Eastern time. ... continue reading

Mark of the Beast? Nevada Senator moves to STOP forced RFID chip implants Watch

Image of Is the RFID chip the Mark of the Beast? Some scholars think so.

A Nevada state senator has proposed a bill that would protect citizens from being implanted with RFID chips. The bill, proposed by a ... continue reading

FOUR CLOSE CALLS in four weeks: Scientists wonder what's going on as four asteroids pass dangerously close to Earth Watch

Image of Asteroid BS32 is passing Earth now, in the fourth close call in four weeks.

Whoa, that's close! As the world worries about an asteroid due to pass Earth on February 25, a much closer shave is happening right now. ... continue reading

What is dark matter and why is there an entire galaxy full of it? Watch

Image of Dragonfly 44 is a dark twin of the Milky Way, it gives off no light, but it's there.

Astronomers think they have discovered a galaxy that is 99.9 percent dark matter. If true, the discovery is unprecedented. LOS ANGELES, CA ... continue reading

Where are the world's nuclear weapons, and how likely is it they will be used? Watch

Image of Pakistan launches a missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon. What is the likelihood of one of these weapons being used in the next few decades? And answer above zero is unacceptable.

The world is closer to nuclear war than it has been in decades, and few people are paying attention. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have ... continue reading

Scientists have crossed humans and pigs in a laboratory -- should this be allowed? Watch

Image of Should experiments that cross humans and animals be allowed?

Scientists has injected a human-pig hybrid into a pig. The experiment is being conducted in California in the hope of growing human organs ... continue reading

Did this man capture a UFO on the ISS live feed? If not, then why did NASA cut it? Watch

Image of City lights? A reflection? A rocket? What could it be? Perhaps... a UFO?

An alien hunter says he has spotted a UFO on the live feed from the International Space Station, and that NASA tried to cover it up by ... continue reading

Is a fragment of planet Nibiru about to hit Earth? Prediction targets Feb. 16 as date for cataclysmic event Watch

Image of Planet Nibiru is real, according to some, but not to NASA.

Are we all about to die? One astronomer is warning that a newly-discovered asteroid will hit Earth on February 16, and will be large enough ... continue reading

Ready for the new Snapchat? So are we! Watch

Image of Snapchat wisely listened to its audience and has decided to change its policies.

Do you like to use Snapchat's fun filters and read their featured stories? So do kids of all ages, which has quite a few parents concerned ... continue reading

The cities are filling up! Where will the next two billion people live? Watch

Image of Tokyo is so crowded that special workers cram people into the subway trains there.

How big can a city get? What happens when a city cannot house any more people? Experts warn that the world's cities are filling up, and ... continue reading

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