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On Super Tuesday, faithful muddle through presidential candidates’ political positions

By • Catholic Explorer • 2/5/2008

WOODRIDGE, Ill. (Catholic Explorer) - With the Feb 5 primary election in Illinois rapidly approaching, Henry Histic of St. Scholastica Parish in Woodridge said he will vote for the candidates who most correspond with his convictions and values. Party affiliation is “the least of my concerns,” he ...

FRIEND IN NEED - Members of the community, family and friends, including 22-year-old Corey Fick, have been raising funds to support St. Pius X, Rodgers Forge, alum Ryan Major, who was seriously injured during the Iraq War. (CR Staff/Owen Sweeney III)

Disabled Iraq vet has a comrade indeed

By • The Catholic Review • 2/1/2008

Baltimore, Md. (The Catholic Review) - Usually 22-year-old Corey Fick has to lift his best friend Ryan Major out of a wheelchair and place him in bed at night. But lately, Major, 23, is capable of putting himself to bed, in spite of the fact that his legs and several fingers are missing – injuries ...

STANDARDS - The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles offers coaches and players workshops from the 'Play Like a Champion' program developed at the University of Notre Dame.

'Play Like a Champion,' CYO sports program encourages coaches and players

By • The Tidings • 2/1/2008

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (The Tidings) - Catholic Youth Organization of Los Angeles, which provides athletic competition for more than 10,000 students in some 165 elementary parochial schools in the Southland, has always prided itself on fostering sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, self-discipline ...

Catholic Online

Wartime internment of Japanese-Americans focus of Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast

By • Catholic Explorer • 1/30/2008

LISLE, Ill. (Catholic Explorer) - Imagine destroying old family photographs and tokens of your cultural identity in order to erase your past. Then, imagine being forced to leave your home and business, with only a few days notice, without any real cause—to be treated like a criminal, a traitor, ...

Catholic Online

Catholic schools give life skills, fond memories

By • The Georgia Bulletin • 1/30/2008

ATLANTA, Ga. (Georgia Bulletin) - During Catholic Schools Week, graduates of those schools throughout the Atlanta area are thanking parents for the sacrifices they endured to send their children to a Catholic school. For many, the experience of attending an institution focused on building faith ...

Catholic Online

Catholic high schools going ‘Madison Avenue’

By • The Catholic Telegraph • 1/30/2008

CINCINNATI, Ohio (The Catholic Telegraph) — Slick brochures, high-profile billboards and even television commercials are part and parcel the advertising agency’s arsenal of marketing tools for convincing consumers to buy a particular brand of laundry soap or a new line of automobiles. But in the ...

Catholic Online

Top Ten Catholic Heroes of the Super Bowl

By • Catholic Online • 1/30/2008

Professional football was long considered a “Catholic” sport, drawing rugged players from the working class blue-collar immigrant families of which a good percentage were at least culturally Catholic. Times have changed in the intervening years, but the faith lives on, more quietly and imperfectly ...

Catholic Online

Opposition to Spanish Bishop by some in Homosexual community

By • LifeSiteNews • 1/30/2008

"One is born in a family of a man and a woman. In the human order this is required. One consults a dictionary to determine what a marriage is and it says that it is a stable and lasting union between a man and a woman." Bishop Rafael Palmero SPAIN (LifeSiteNews) - Bishop Rafael Palmero of the ...

Catholic Online

Fallen N.Y. firefighter eulogized as a hero

By • Catholic New York • 1/28/2008

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Catholic New York) - Thousands of firefighters from New York City and beyond gathered at a Staten Island church last week to bid farewell to one of their own, Lt. John H. Martinson — known to his firehouse buddies as “Johnny Nice Guy.” With Martinson’s pregnant wife, Jessica, and ...

Catholic Online

Marriage amendment gets Catholic support

By • Pittsburgh Catholic • 1/28/2008

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (Pittsburgh Catholic) - Clergy and other diocesan personnel have received information packets on a proposed Pennsylvania Marriage Protection Amendment. With the legalization of same-sex marriages in Massachusetts and the creation of “civil unions” in six other states, it is ...

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