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Church and law enforcement warn people in USA and Mexico about death cult spreading from Mexico

By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)
7/17/2017 (2 months ago)
Catholic Online (

Santa Muerte is spreading, and law enforcement and the Church are warning people to stay out.

Catholics in North America are being warned of a Mexican death cult that is spreading once again under the disguise of Catholicism. Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, is a pagan religion that may have roots in ancient Mesoamerican practice, and has become popular among the cartels and gangs in Mexico.

Santa Muerte is an old death cult, possibly dating back to the time of Spanish conquest. Outwardly, it has some of the appearance of Catholicism.

Santa Muerte is an old death cult, possibly dating back to the time of Spanish conquest. Outwardly, it has some of the appearance of Catholicism.


By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)
Catholic Online (
7/17/2017 (2 months ago)

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Keywords: Santa Muetre, death cult, Mexico

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) -- Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, is a female goddess often depicted as a skeleton holding a scythe. Followers of her religion tend to be involved with drug cartels or gangs, or related to people who are affiliated with these criminal organizations. The religion also attracts women and people with same-sex attraction. It has large numbers of followers and continues to grow. The religion, while it appears Catholic at a glance, is in fact pagan. Practitioners also engage in ritualistic abuse and even the sacrifice of animals and people. Public shrines have been erected.

The religion has unclear origins, with some speculating that it is a holdover of ancient Aztec and Mesoamerican religious practice. Those religions placed a high value on sacrifice and included bloodletting, self-mutilation, and the sacrifice of animals and people.

Most agree the religion blossomed in the 1980s as Mexican drug culture grew, fueled by demand in the United States. The religion provided an emotional outlet for the superstitious. The religion has flourished during the most recent civil war between the government and the drug cartels.

In recent years, high-profile killings that appear to have involved ritual have brought scrutiny to the cult and fear of its practitioners.

The cult is believed to be responsible for the killing of 28 prisoners at the Las Cruces jail in Acapulco, on July 6. A drug gang inside the prison is thought to have sacrificed the victims during a ritual to Santa Muerte. The prisoners were shot execution style and it is believed some of the authorities were complicit in the murders.

The killings were conducted in ritual fashion, leading experts to conclude the victims were human sacrifices.

For several years, victims across Mexico have been found killed in ritualistic fashion. The role of human sacrifice is unclear, perhaps it appeases the Saint Death so the person offering the sacrifice will be protected.

The Catholic Church is warning that Saint Death is not a saint of the Church, and should not be venerated under any circumstances. Instead, Santa Muerte is a death cult, with Catholic appearances. Some practitioners are outwardly Catholic, but also participate in veneration of Santa Muerte. Most practitioners are anti-Catholic and express dissatisfaction with the Church.

Church and law enforcement officials in both Mexico and the U.S. have warned against involvement with the cult. Not only is it a route for demonic possession, it is also a path to criminal activity.

Nothing good can come from devotion to a false saint, or a manifestation of the devil. By their fruits, we know them and Santa Muerte thrives on violence and despair. We are warned.

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