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  • Relections for Lent 2009
    chris anthony
    Relections for Lent 2009 Lent, the beginning of a new commitment to serve our neighbor Once again we are in the season of Lent. Many of us remember Lent as a ...
  • Three words to a deeper faith
    Paul Sposite
    Connection…Collaboration….Co-creating…. Three words that will bring you closer to God, three words that very well could change your life. We all wish for a deeper ...
  • Edging God Out
    Paul Sposite
    By Paul Sposite Op/Ed EGO… It’s a word we hear a lot about, we all have one, some are larger then others, but in someway we all have one. The ego serves ...
  • Catholic identity ... triumphant reemergence!
    Hugh  McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed In a interview last year, Cardinal Avery Dulles alluded to what he considered the greatest difficulty the Catholic Church will face in ...
  • Easter... A Way of Life
    Paul Spoisite
    By Paul Spoisite Op/Ed The Cross… The Crucified Christ… The Risen Lord… Easter has so many images and emotions tied to it. It’s a roller-coaster of ...
  • Papal initiative...peace and harmony!
    Hugh  McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed The conversion of Italian journalist Magdi Allam from Islam to Catholicism has received quite a bit of attention in the world press since ...
  • Proclaim the mysteries of the Resurrection!
    Hugh McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed Now that we have celebrated the Sacred Triduum our lives are returning to their normal paces. Well not exactly. With the Easter celebration ...
  • Holy Saturday...anticipation!
    Hugh McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed Holy Saturday...anticipation! Holy Saturday is the period of Holy Week when Catholics remember Jesus' entombment. It is a ...
  • Al Qaeda...afraid of Benedict's message!
    Hugh  McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed Holy Week is a time for the world’s Christians to pause and ponder the mysteries of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Reuters ...
  • Benedict XVI...calling all to hope...
    Hugh  McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed Speculative theories are all over regarding the message Pope Benedict XVI will deliver when he visits the United States next month. ...
  • The Void
    Paul Sposite
    By Paul Sposite Op/Ed We are a people wanting more, we always want more then what we have. We are a consumer driven, self centered world. We are never satisfied ...
  • Islamic violence wounds the global community!
    Hugh McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed The world’s press services are reporting on the death of the kidnapped Catholic Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul. The murder of the Archbishop ...
  • The Seven New Deadly Sins!
    Hugh  McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed The newly revised list of the seven deadly sins is indeed an announcement that makes everyone step back and consider our moral actions in ...
  • Catholic benefits include Catholic principles!
    Hugh McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed Any institution that maintains the term, "Catholic" in its title has a moral and ethical responsibility to adhere to the teachings of the ...
  • Happy Lent!
    Paul Sposite
    By Paul Sposite Op/Ed Happy Lent! It is the season of giving up what we like, a time to go with out. It is a hard thing for most of us to do. Who really wants to ...
  • Remembering Father Alfred Kunz
    Matt C. Abbott
    By Matt C. Abbott Op/Ed On March 4, it will be ten years since Father Alfred Kunz, a priest of the Diocese of Madison, Wis., was found dead in his parish, his ...
  • Cuba...a neonascent Church!
    Hugh McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed The recent announcement by Fidel Castro that he relinquishes the role of President of Cuba is an event many never thought would happen. As ...
  • Hillary...what would Saint Norbert say!
    Hugh McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed Catholic Online Hillary Clinton today is going to visit Saint Norbert College in DePere, Wisconsin. It seems that here visit was ...
  • Lent...questions, answers and involvement!
    Hugh McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed Catholic Online There are so many times Catholics hear conflicting information regarding the requirements of sacraments, what is in or ...
  • Mary, Mother of all Humanity, Hic et Nunc!
    Hugh McNichol
    By Hugh McNichol Op/Ed Catholic Online Mary, Mother of all humanity... the time is now! One point that indeed unites most of the Catholic world is the ...
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Daily Readings

Reading 1, Second Samuel 7:1-5, 8-11, 16
Once the king had settled into his palace and Yahweh had ... Read More

Psalm, Psalms 89:2-3, 4-5, 27, 29
for you have said: love is built to last for ever, you have ... Read More

Gospel, Luke 1:26-38
In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a town ... Read More

Reading 2, Romans 16:25-27
And now to him who can make you strong in accordance with the ... Read More

Saint of the Day

December 21 Saint of the Day

St. Peter Canisius
December 21: In 1565, the Vatican was looking for a secret agent. It was ... Read More