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A proper news release follows a strict standard and format. It must be formatted in a specific manner and supply specific information in a specific areas. This is so agencies that wish to use the news release know where to find the appropriate information. Please refer to the template below for and example of a news release. Note, the first line in the article indicates from where the release originates (in this case Bakersfield) and the date of release (JUN, 11 1999). Please ensure that your release has all the required information.

Headline: American Bishops Pilgrimage Live Internet Broadcast
Release Date: 1999-06-11 2:34 PST

Bakersfield, CA (June, 1999) - On June 11th Catholic Communications Network successfully completed a live broadcast over the Internet of the American Catholic Bishop's Holy Land Pilgrimage, in cooperation with Unitours. This was the second and final such pilgrimage in support of the Jubilee which was conducted from June 7 to 14. As a special arrangement, those with Internet access were given the opportunity to share in part of that pilgrimage, live. Unitours, a Catholic tour operator in Greenwich Connecticut and El Al Israel Airlines, the hosts of the pilgrimage arranged for the broadcast so the bishops would be able to share their experience with their friends, family, parishes and dioceases back home or anywhere in the world. The professional staff of Realtime 2000 assisted in the live broadcast, on of the first, with the spectacular background of the Old City of Jerusalem. His Excellancy Francis J. Hurely, Archbishop of Anchorage, Alaska served as moderator and introduced the other participating bishops during the 20 minute broadcast. Participating Bishops were: Most Rev Mark J. Hurley, Former Bishop of Santa Rosa, Most Rev. Juan A. Arzube, Retired Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, Most Rev Basil Losten, Bishop of Stamford, Most Rev Nerses Mikael Setian, Retired Bishop of Armenian Exarchy, Most Rev Robert M. Moskal, Bishop of St. Josaphat in Farina, Most Rev. John A. Elya, Bishop of Eparch of Newton, Most Rev. Gerald A. Gettelfinger, Bishop of Evansville, Most Rev Francis X. Irwin, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston. The broadcast was received live on the Internet at two web sites; on the news site of Catholic On Line which is and . The program originated in Jerusalem live at 9:00 AM Pacific time on Friday, June 11, 1999. For those who missed the live broadcast, both Realtime 2000 and Catholic On Line have archived the broadcast so viewers can tune in and play the broadcast at a later time. Headquartered in Southern California, Catholic Online can be reached at (661) 869-1000. To receive information via the Internet access the company's Web site at

Contact Information:
Contact: Catholic Online
               Michael Galloway, 661/869-1000
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