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Deciphering the Book of Revelation

3/5/2006 - 7:29 AM PST

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beginning to understand it. It was at this point that he mustered the strength to utter, “I understand, now.” It reminded me of the last words of St. Thomas Aquinas, “All I’ve written is straw.” The next morning he was in God’s arms. He was 54 when he died. I was deeply saddened not only at the loss of someone who had become my brother but also by the fact that our mutual project had not been completed.

On the drive to the funeral, I said to the family that we could be comforted that Steve’s “works will accompany him” as it says in the Apocalypse. My children herein referred to as “Friends” and the principal recipients of the letters, served on the altar and performed the scripture readings at the funeral. One of the readings selected by the presiding priest (who was unaware of Steve’s work in this regard) was from the Apocalypse Chapter 14 verses 12 and 13: “Here is what sustains the holy ones who keep God’s commandments and their faith in Jesus. I heard a voice from heaven say, ‘write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’ ‘Yes,’ said the Spirit, ‘let them find rest from their labors, for their works accompany them.’”

After the funeral, we went to his house, and there, in the typewriter, a manual typewriter, was another page. I had no idea how many pages he may have finished that he hadn’t sent. When his wife sent me six more pages that got me most of the way through Chapter 13, I again thought that the project was over. Then, a month later, my wife sent me a message at work. “Guess what showed up in the mail today?” I had no idea. She answered, “a package from Steve’s wife…68 pages of his notes.” They weren’t just notes. He had written out the entire commentary prior to sitting at that manual typewriter day after day. His wife had copied it and was fixing the places where the copier had cut off parts of words. I was filled with such joy that all I could think of was typing the whole thing into the computer so that it could be shared.

The book will cover the time from the late first century when St. John wrote the Apocalypse to a time as yet unknown in the future, and show how some predicted events affecting God’s people have come to pass, such as the Arian Heresy, the Barbarian Invasions, the rise of Islam, the Greek Schism, Martin Luther and Protestantism. Each of these events then sets the table so to speak for the climactic events of the second and third woes. The book was written beginning in 1997 and Steve finished the letters in 2000. He did not live to see the attack on the World Trade Center, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the sex abuse scandal in the Church, the death of Pope John Paul II and election of Pope Benedict XVI. Other events that would have piqued his interest include the accelerated de-Christianization of Europe and unregulated Islamic immigration, the recent riots in France, and the pronouncements concerning entry to the priesthood from the Vatican. As you read the book, it should become clear how they all fit with what he wrote.

Steve once related to my wife that when he was sick as a young soldier, he was walking along a beach in Viet Nam and spotted a lone seagull circling overhead. At that moment he says he was infused with the certainty that “everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.”

What follows is the result of a life’s work. It is Steve’s Apocalypse, Letter by Letter.

Yours in Christ,
A Friend of the Lord


Chapter 5

Introduction to
Chapters 9:12-21

November 20, 1998

Dear Friends of the Lord,

The third part of the commentary has been completed. Since the number of its pages is estimated at 130 [260 in typical paperback], the number of weeks to type them at the two-fingered rate is, according to rule of thumb, estimated at four weeks, should vision prove durable for that duration. The assiduity of two forefingers in concert could induce double vision or the sensation of a bicephalous condition; however, a copious supply of coffee and Boston Crèmes, as experience has proved, will undoubtedly sustain single-mindedness throughout.

Notwithstanding this answer to the process goes beforehand, the aftermath of it certainly comes into question. In this case, worry would be an otiose emotion; for anticipation, not seldom, is a false prophet antagonistic toward true advice, “Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.”

Thus, it stands within the prospect of belief that the commentary’s third part will depart for your house before December 20, 1998. On second thought, the relativity of double vision can be an advantage or disadvantage. Once upon a late autumn afternoon, a broom handle of a woman came walking along the street, sweeping the leaves with her feet; and, well….

So thin she was [I speak not in derision], One had to knock one’s head, to double ...

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1 - 10 of 10 Comments

  1. Jacqueline
    1 year ago

    if you know a lot so something about the Bible could you please tell me if there is something about seeing a black cross in the sky: I saw on a perfectly formed black cross on Saturday July 20th 2013 and do not know what it means of if it means anything special...
    Thank you so much for your opinion.

  2. Mary Kay Allanson
    1 year ago

    I just discovered this article today (February 18,2013) which made me wish to read the book talked about therein. Am I right to assume it is now in print? Where can I get a copy? Thank-you in advance.

  3. william van dusen
    2 years ago

    I was trying to find a small book of Revelation as to carry with me. Can you help? Thought I would read this article, glad I did---Thanks

  4. Terry
    2 years ago

    I have read this book and "the book of destiny" and between them, they unravel a lot of the mysteries. I regard them as recommended reading for all.

  5. Mr. Leigh Mueller
    3 years ago

    The Apocalypse-Letter by Letter: A Literary Analysis of the Book of Revelation by the Catholic Scholar, Steven Paul and compiled by his brother-in-law, Steve do I get this book after it goes to print? Please advise...

  6. Tony
    4 years ago

    You forgot to add the information about the tension in having the Church and State entwined and Charlemagne's tendency to push his limits by giving the Pope advice and even imprisoning him once.

  7. Derek
    4 years ago

    Hey... I don't know if the author will read this but I hope someone can see this...

    [source is from wikipedia]
    Israel and Judah were related Iron Age kingdoms of the ancient Levant. This history of Israel and Judah runs from the first mention of the name Israel in the archaeological record in 1209 BCE to the end of a nominally independent Judean kingdom in 6 CE.

    The two kingdoms arose on the easternmost coast of the Mediterranean, the westernmost part of the Fertile Crescent, between the ancient empires of Egypt to the south; Assyria, Babylonia, and later Persia to the north and east; and Greece and later Rome across the sea to the west. The area involved is relatively small, roughly 100 miles north to south and 40 or 50 miles east to west.

    [end of my source]

    The great whore rests on seven mountains...

    The LORD's 'empire' of the Old Covenant was based on Mount Sinai.
    The LORD's kingdom is now based off of Mount Zion.

    What great, overarching empires were there, oppressing God's chosen people?

    Egypt. Assyria. Babylon. Persia. Greece. Rome.

    What will be the seventh?

    Judging from Daniel's vision, of the feet made of iron mingled with clay, which the Rock not cut with hands will smash, the seventh great overarching empire will be a full-fledged United Nations: atheistic, scientific, and attempting to be monolithic -- yet the iron cannot stand strong with the clay.

    You see, the 'ten toes' of the feet in Daniel's vision correlates to the 'ten kings' in Revelation 17, which correlates to the 'tribulation ten days' warning given to the church Smyrna. (Also, the 'receive power one hour' correlates to the 'hour of temptation' spoken of to the church Philadelphia.)

    The number 'ten' is likely more symbolic than anything, representing all of the nations that will band together in the confusing times of natural disasters, depleting resources, and overarching lawlessness.

  8. Judie
    4 years ago

    Within minutes of my Mother's death, my Father says that he saw a "golden eye" looking at him. He has asked me to research this and find it in the Bible. I have looked in Revelations, thinking that was the best place and could not find it. There was something about a third eye. Do you know anything about an eye?

  9. Teddie Esch
    5 years ago

    this is a very special artical, and I am looking forward to reading the book. I just wish that more people would be as open to what God wants them to do as Steven was.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful study with our Catholic community.

  10. Sue Vogel
    6 years ago

    When will this book be on the market? I am so anxious to get it!

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