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Holy Mary: The Chaste Spouse of the Holy Spirit


Monsignor Charles M. Mangan
Catholic Online

Our Blessed Mother Mary is the Immaculate Mediatrix who is the Chosen Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Our Lady is so intimately linked to the Holy Spirit—the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity—through her profound love and obedience that we can attest without a trace of exaggeration that she is the Spouse of the Paraclete.

Surrendering with alacrity to the abundant and alluring grace of the Holy Spirit, Mary has pledged herself to Him in the spirit of fidelity, thereby becoming His Chaste Spouse. She has rejected everything that is contrary to the Holy Spirit. She has only one Eternal Spouse: the Beloved Counselor.

And this spousal relationship between the Holy Spirit and Holy Mary is so firm and abiding that it is irrevocable; it cannot be broken or even lessened. The sincere consent given by both parties may not be retracted, so forceful, informed and conscious it was.

Mary is united to the Holy Spirit in an unspeakable closeness. Our Blessed Mother freely yielded her will to His. As a result, although she retained her God-given freedom, in a real sense her will has been “caught up” into the Will of the Holy Spirit. Mary’s conformity to the Consoler is so complete that His desires, sentiments and plan of action have become hers.

As always, we look to Mary for much needed inspiration. She, in imitation of her Divine Son Jesus Christ, so entirely submitted herself to the Holy Spirit that we have in her the veritable model and pattern for our lives.

Christian perfection is, simply put, to conform one’s will to God’s will. No one can enter Heaven who exalts his will over that of the Creator. Those who wish to go to Paradise must bow to the Lord, accepting and fulfilling what He wants for them.

Our wills are to be united to the Holy Spirit’s will as is Mary’s. True, we have not been conceived without Original Sin. The haughty transgression of our first parents Adam and Eve meant that when we were conceived in our mothers’ wombs, we were estranged from God. That was never the case with Mary.

Yet, we have been redeemed in Christ Jesus. Thanks to His agonizing Death on Calvary and His glorious Resurrection, He has set us apart, making us His new creatures. He has clothed us in the white garment of Baptism so that we can be His authentic disciples who cling to Him and His saving words.

And the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the first Pentecost Sunday ushered Mary and the Apostles into a new creation, which we, too, enjoy as loyal members of the Mystical Body of Christ. Now we have been marked by the seal of the Holy Spirit and can act accordingly.

Although Original Sin once held sway over us, Actual Sin need not. By daily using our free wills as Mary used hers in becoming the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, we reject Satan, all his empty works and all his empty promises. And we become connected to the Paraclete in fresh and lasting ways.

We glorify the Eternal Father by our oneness with the Holy Spirit. Our Blessed Mother has already shown us the way to union with Christ: submission to the Lord in everything! Such a gesture, rooted in grace, on our part signals our commitment to live as sons and daughters of God the Father, brothers and sisters of Jesus the Son of God, temples and—in analogous fashion—spouses of the Holy Spirit, and sons and daughters of the Ever-Virgin Mary, who has paved the road for our rightful surrender to the Lord.

(Originally published in the December 2005 issue of "Missio Immaculatae International", English edition. Used with permission.)


Mary's Field  , VA
Monsignor Charles M. Mangan - Official, 390 66616-1125



The Holy Spirit: The Blessed Virgin Mary

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  1. Vijay
    2 years ago


    I too find this explanantion wishful and support bruce, equating mother mary to God's wife stature, I'm not sure where is this reference is being made in the CCC as mary to be the spouse of the holy spirit , but in my little understanding this complicates basic god head and trinitarian understanding (one god three persons).When we say holy spirit it means the trinity is present there (father son and the spirit - all equated to god head)

    We have caused much scandel and confusion, already with people deviating from god to Mary and marion devotions that with these new concepts , I find it fearful that such explanantions are given.

    I see the purpose christ came is to save mankind from sin and the clutches of satan and giveus life in abundance ,now by giving mary a spouse status you are equating her to god head status.

    I'm a catholic and would be happy to see the chruch is spending more time in the world to preach the good news. to those who do not know christ, rather than bringin complex
    debating matters like this explanation. ( I'm sorry but i'd say you sound paganistic in your explanation -like some indian religious cultures explain).


  2. bruce
    3 years ago

    I find the reference of Mary being "spouse" to the Holy Spirit as saying Mary is the "wife" of God. So God is now "married" to Mary. So Jesus is not only her Son, but his wife as well. A very slippery slope bordering heresy I would think. Don't we have enough trouble explaining Mariology to our non-Catholic brethren?

    Since Mary was directly spoken to by her Son only "2" times in the entire New Testament, i.e. the Cana Wedding and at His cross giving her to John, I think we need not to overextend the wishful thinking of some people, and certainly not the publishing of it, no matter how well intended it might be.

  3. Allan Boyd
    3 years ago

    Thank-you for this message on Our Lady! We need it so badly, because so many catholics don't ask her for help as much as we use too.

  4. Stylteralmaldo
    6 years ago

    Beautifully stated!

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