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A September 11th Hijacking

6/26/2002 - 19:30 PM PST

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except Police Officer Steven McDonald and Father Mike. Brendan asked me, “Does that mean I can’t do television interviews?” I told Brendan clearly, “Absolutely not. This is a story about Steven McDonald and his trip. This is not about you or me or any agenda”. As a result, Brendan never followed up to help with the planning or the trip to Northern Ireland. Brendan Fay had no interest in the message of reconciliation. If the story wasn’t about Brendan Fay, Brendan was not interested.

Father Mike’s Death

The next time I met Brendan Fay was three years later at Father Mike’s Funeral Mass. At the Franciscan Friary in Manhattan, the Catholic Church was packed with mourners. Everyone I saw at the Funeral Mass was solemn and sad. Everyone that is except Brendan Fay. Brendan was smiling and strangely happy. I greeted him before Mass started and watched him carry on almost joyfully on a day when tears were on the face of everyone else. I didn’t know why Brendan was acting in that strange almost demonic way, but I would soon find out.

Prior to Father Mike’s death, everyone who knew him for any length of time would never describe him as a homosexual. In fact, never has even one homosexual activist ever provided evidence that Father Mike was “gay”. Yet, in newspapers immediately after the Funeral Mass Brendan Fay was quoted saying Father Mike was a homosexual. Brendan Fay arranged a publicity event for the media where many people spoke of Father Mike’s concern for the homosexual community and claimed Father Mike was “gay”. This was news to me who knew Father Mike for nearly a decade.

The Media Lies About Father Mike

After the first series of newspapers stories reported Father Mike being homosexual, suddenly politicians were standing up in Congress lamenting the death of “Father Mike, the gay priest”. Concerned that Father Mike was being used by homosexual activists, I began to contact many people who knew Father Mike for as long as I knew him or longer. I wanted the truth about Father Mike to be published. Not one of these longtime friends every heard or saw anything that Father Mike did to indicate he was homosexual. I personally spent weeks at a time with Father Mike where he and I spoke about many personal matters. Not once was there even a suggestion that Father Mike was “gay”. Father Mike was a celibate Catholic Priest and nothing more.

As time passed, Brendan Fay began to organize events claming Father Mike to be “Hero, Priest and Gay”. The media began referring to Father Mike now as being not just “gay”, but an “openly gay” Priest. None of this was true. I wrote a letter to the Gannett Newspaper Chain about one such reference to Father Mike. The response was to disregard the truthfulness of the article by citing law that you can’t defame a dead person. I wrote back saying I wasn’t bringing a defamation claim, I only wanted the truth about Father Mike to be published. No further response was received from the Gannett Chain. The New York Times also wrote an article that Father Mike was a homosexual. I wrote to the New York Times requesting evidence supporting their story since many, many people did not believe Father Mike to be “gay”. No response was also received from the New York Times in my request that the truth be published.

In fact, one newspaper wrote an article about Father Mike proclaiming he was homosexual. When the newspaper was challenged about the story, the response from the Editor was shocking. The Editor wrote that it really didn’t matter if Father Mike was a homosexual or not. The Editor stated that homosexuals are a disadvantaged group and if the story helped them with their self-esteem then Father Mike would be happy. In other words, the truth about Father Mike being a faithful Catholic Priest didn’t matter in our politically correct world.

As more time passed after Father Mike’s death, homosexual activists embellished even more their story about Father Mike. During “Gay Pride Week” in the New York City area, one newspaper published the falsehood that Father Mike had been a “leader” in the homosexual “GLBT movement” (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual). The lies about Father Mike continued to grow in the politically correct media. Sadly, even a member of the Catholic hierarchy in New York commented in the media that Father Mike was “a gay Priest”. When questioned later about the truth of this comment, the Priest admitted he only knew what he “read in the media” about Father Mike.

The Truth About Father Mike

The truth about Father Mychal F. Judge, O.F.M. is that he was a wonderful Catholic Priest. Father Mike saw Christ in everyone. Father Mike ministered to everyone with a smile, a prayer and the love of Jesus Christ in his heart. Father Mike was tirelessly in living a life as a Priest modeled after St. Francis of Assisi. Although homosexual activists have hijacked this truth about Father Mike, I know that in Heaven Father Mike would want you to know the truth about him. Father Mike would also want you to pray for those who bear false witness. Most of all, Father Mike would care not that you remember him, but that you remember and live the Prayer of St. Francis.

· Dennis Lynch is General Counsel to the Judge McDonald Foundation, 44 Route 304, Nanuet, New York 10954


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  1. John M. Kelley
    5 years ago

    Mr. Lynch’s denial that Fr. Judge was homosexual rests on the fact that Judge never mentioned this to Lynch or some others.

    But the evidence is now conclusive that Fr. Mychal Judge did, in fact, self-identify as gay, though chaste and celibate. The evidence includes Judge's own handwritten journal entries, recently published in Michael Daly's biography of him.

    Since Lynch published his article in 2002, many close friends of Judge, including former FDNY Commissioner Tom Von Essen, Fr. Brian Carroll, Fr. John McNeill, and Fr. Bernard Lynch, have repeatedly confirmed that Mychal identified himself to them as a gay man.

    Fr. Brendan O'Rourke said, "Mychal had come to terms with being gay, and disagreed with official church teaching about gay orientation and gay relationships." (p. 182: Ford, Michael: Father Mychal Judge: An Authentic American Hero. Paulist Press).

    (Note: I use 'gay' and 'homosexual' interchangeably here to describe orientation only; by all accounts he was faithful to his priestly vows).

    Then Ford's biography quoted Judge himself many times publicly acknowledging his orientation. For example, "Look at who we are as gay people at this moment in history, being a gift for the church, being agents of change in both church and society." (p.184: Ford).

    Michael Daly's 2008 biography decisively settles the question. Daly published excerpts of Judge's personal journals in which he wrote in detail of the struggles and joys of accepting himself as a gay man. (Daly, Michael: The Book of Mychal: the Surprising Life & Heroic Death of Fr. Mychal Judge: 2008).

    For example, Judge wrote, "I thought of my gay self and how the people I meet never get to know me fully … (yet) I feel no guilt, none whatsoever today -- I feel on the train Home. I am at peace finally. This is what You want me to do, Lord ... You, You alone, brought me here. I have nothing to fear today. Thank You, thank You, Lord !" (pp. 86, 301-302: Daly).

    It's significant that in the face of all this evidence, Mr. Lynch never pressed his claim after 2002. Nor have Mychal's Franciscan brothers or family ever denied that Mychal self-identified as a gay man. Indeed, two Franciscan publications have acknowledged the same --
    St. Anthony's Messenger

    It's understandable why Judge didn't come out to Mr. Lynch and some others with deep visceral reactions. He picked and chose when and to whom to come out. But in the end it's clear that Fr. Mychal Judge was selectively, if not generally, open about his gay orientation and self-identity.

    Mychal's love and ministry touched everyone he encountered, not only gay people. He wasn't so much a "homosexual saint" as he was "a saint who happened to be homosexual" among many, many other things. But to fully appreciate how God worked through Mychal, we must honestly acknowledge this aspect of his life, as he did.

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