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Dangers of Same-Sex Couples Adopting Children (Part 1)

Dale O'Leary on the Risks

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island, NOV. 6, 2004 (Zenit) - Despite the large number of securely married people waiting to adopt children, same-sex couples are often regarded as desirable adoptive parents with equal qualifications.

So says Dale O'Leary, a writer and researcher for the Catholic Medical Association.

She shared with Catholic Online how adoption agencies have disregarded evidence that persons with same-sex attractions are far more likely to suffer from psychological disorders than the general public, and how those risk factors can negatively affect children.

Part 2 of this interview will appear Monday.

Q: What is the growth trend of children being adopted by same-sex couples or individuals with same-sex attractions?

O'Leary: I do not have any research showing this, but the anecdotal evidence suggests a dramatic increase in such adoptions.

Recently, I spoke with a woman who has adopted a number of special needs children and is extremely active in the adoption movement. She said that she has observed a dramatic increase in adoptions by same-sex couples.

She believes that the social workers in the adoption field are disproportionately homosexual themselves or are extremely sympathetic to homosexual adoptions and are directing children to same-sex couples, when there are married heterosexual couples available. She is extremely concerned about this trend.

I asked how could so many same-sex couples qualify, given the evidence that persons with same-sex attractions are far more likely to suffer from psychological and other problems than married heterosexual couples. She replied that it appeared to her that many of the same-sex couples who adopted had psychological and other problems that would have disqualified a married man and woman from adoption.

This, of course, is only anecdotal evidence, but well-designed studies that compare persons with same-sex attractions with the general public have found that persons with same-sex attractions are far more likely to suffer from psychological disorders.

A same-sex couple has, by definition, two persons at high risk for psychological disorders. The studies published in the Archives of General Psychiatry found that persons self-identified as homosexual in comparison to the general public had almost double the rate of suicidal ideation or attempts, substance abuse problems and psychological disorders. One of the studies found that 78.6% of the gay, lesbian or bisexual group suffered from multiple disorders.

And there are other problems: Domestic violence is more common among same-sex couples. Men with same-sex attractions are more likely to become infected with a STD, including HIV, hepatitis or HPV, which can lead to cancer. Thus, several studies suggest that 50% of men who have sex with men will become HIV positive before age 50.

Any of these problems would negatively affect an adopted child. When dealing with married heterosexual couples, agencies have been extremely strict in ruling out couples with risk factors, yet seem to be ignoring real risk when evaluating same-sex couples who want to adopt.

Consider the consequences of giving a special needs child or a child with an attachment disorder -- something that is very common among children adopted from orphanages overseas -- to a couple where one or both suffer from a psychological disorder or substance abuse problem.

There should be an investigation into whether social workers are giving vulnerable children to same-sex couples who would not otherwise be qualified and the long-term consequences of these adoptions.

Q: Would children linger unloved in foster care if not placed with a same-sex couple?

O'Leary: Given the increase in infertility due to late marriage and the consequences of the pandemic of STDs, the number of securely married couples who want to adopt is very high. Due to abortion and the acceptance of single motherhood, the number of healthy babies being released for adoption is very low.

Therefore, since the demand overwhelming exceeds the supply, agencies should have no problems finding a virtually perfect placement for every healthy baby released at birth by the mother.

There is no reason for choosing a second-best placement, and adoption by a same-sex couple is by definition second-best, since it deprives the child of a parent of one sex and all the experiences that having a father and a mother provides.

Because there are so few healthy newborns available for adoption, the number of securely married couples who will consider a baby with some health problems or an older child has also increased dramatically.

Most children in foster care have not been adopted because their biological parents have ...

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1 - 7 of 7 Comments

  1. California Gal
    1 year ago

    Listen to the children:

    "When do I get a Daddy?"
    "When do I get Mommy?"
    "I had three Mommies. One left."
    "Who is my Daddy? I have two mommies."

  2. Robyn
    2 years ago

    Hateful and judgmental - everything I thought the church was not supposed to be. Thankfully, I have had the pleasure of meeting people from various religious communities including devout catholic, who do not judge others but love and accept others indiscriminately. This inspires me.
    This sort of article incites negativity and fuels hatred. It is misleading. How credible can this author be? The studies are incorrectly cited in fact, not cited at all, as mentioned in a previous comment above. Indeed, even if it were true that such a large percentage of homosexual people are unfortunate enough to be prone to psychological issues, surely impacting upon this is the stigma inflicted by groups with beliefs such as those of the author.
    In my world, I tend to stay clear of anyone with such extreme and righteous ideas about how others should live. There is enough pain and suffering in this world already.

  3. Lizbeth
    5 years ago

    Who ever wrote this article needs to redo their research before setting out to publicly publish this. I am very disappointed as a Catholic that someone who is suppose to not judge person by whom they are is actually doing so. I may not be old and wise but at least I know that a child more likely abused in a remarried heterosexual couple or a heterosexual couple who has been together for a while than a homosexual couple. They appreciate what they are given by God because any child received by him is a gift and if they aren't suppose to be with them then God would have never given them a slight chance to adopt a child. I believe that everyone has the right to a family, including those in mine seeing how i am related to a homosexual person, my beliefs are strong about this. You shouldn't downsize a person simply because you are ignorant to see that some people are usually better than any heterosexual couple. Any future articles you right need to be proven fact and not things that are infested with your judgment when as a catholic you are shown to judge noone and always lend your hand.

  4. Jessica
    5 years ago

    It is very unfortunate that I have found this newspaper article. I am Catholic, I am a psychologist and I am a non-psychotic. If an author is to name statistics, we learned in you know, high school, college, graduate school and in my doctoral program, that one must provide the author, the year it was published and whom it was published by, not to mention who funded the project as to not LEAD astray flocks of sheepish people. I fear that much of society is blinded by false statistics and I could just as easily spat out that 64% of heterosexual couples are in anger management programs. 23% of heterosexual couples have physically, mentally and sexually abused their children in 2008. Oh, and of course, 51% of heterosexual couples filed for divorce last year. Well, I'm a catholic, a psychologist, are you going to believe me? Oops, did I forget to mention I am also part of the LGBTQ community? Or will that invalidate my statistics?

  5. George Ungerer
    6 years ago

    This article is such a joke. Please will the Catholic's get their facts "straight" before righting such nonsense. You dont want to be seen as "skeef" South African word for crooked or gay.

  6. George Ungerer
    6 years ago

    You are such a twisted and misinformed being. I feel very sorry for you, making all these non validated and non proven statements. Firstly spend some time with gay people before you judge. Does your faith not tell you not to judge. I am a gay father of a girl that is turning 7 and lived with me since she was 2 months old. Her teachers always tell me to please come and teach the other mothers and father, people as hetero as you, how to raise and look after a child. They have more problems with the kids raised in hetero families than they can ever imagine having with my daughter. She has been earmarked as a leader already. Eat that you miserable cow.

  7. Avery
    6 years ago

    This entire article is complete filth. A person's sexual orientation has NO bearing on their ability to successfully raise a child. There are numerous studies available, confirming such a statement. Next time, do some research before you make such preposterous claims.

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