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Personhood for animals?

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Uploaded by Loreto House on Aug 13, 2012

Our society is very serious about dealing with animal abuse and activists are calling for civil rights for animal while civil rights for an entire class of humans is denied. Planned Parenthood is building a flagship abortuary in Fort Worth where abortions up to 24 weeks will be performed and they even decided to build next door to Gladney Adoption Center. Please pray for the women who may feel they have no choice but abortion and succumb to pressure from a boyfriend, husband, or parents. (Copyright rights of some images used in this video remain with their respective owners and are used here under the "fair use copyright law" for educational purposes by a 501-c-3 non profit entity.)


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  1. Randy Bollig
    3 years ago

    Gladney Adoption Center has nothing to do with the Planned Parenthood facility that is being built next door, It was a shock to the neighbors to see this abortuary being built next to the dorm rooms where expectant mothers live, It is a sad situation and many innocent lives will be lost in the name of "choice." Do you actually believe that Gladney would participate in abortion? What an insult to the memory of Edna Gladney.

  2. Susan
    3 years ago

    As the editors of this appeal for the right to human life searched for and posted all the horrifying photos of human babies and nonhuman beings, were they not saddened by all of them equally? I was.

    Did they not see that evil is the culprit in all cases? I did.

    If evil, with its many hydra heads, doesn't differentiate between its victims, why should we? I don't, and won't.

    God loves every beautiful evidence of divine Love that He creates. Rather than making a case for elevating humans above animals, as if that is going to cure the world of evil and violence, why not elevate life for all over death for any?

    God is guiding each of us and will correct all wrongs, and we can trust Him to do that, without demeaning and diminishing the value of any fellow being.

    By the way, I am not happy that the Gladney Center is responsible for this abortion clinic. I contributed a small sum to their adoption program in honor of a friend who is adopting a children from them. I will be sure they receive a kindly worded voice of dissent: mine.

  3. Randy Bollig
    3 years ago

    The "Culture of Death" has permeated our society to the point that many people are shocked at animal cruelty and want swift punishment for abusers while ignoring the ultimate abuse of women in crisis, and the unborn. Certainly, animal abuse is horrible but my point is easily demonstrated in the following: Ask a news person if they heard about the woman who threw a puppy out the window of her car while driving on the highway. The reaction would be horror and disgust at the cruelty of that person and the story would be on the news. Ask that same news person if they know that 50 women went to Planned Parenthood today in Fort Worth to abort their child. That story is not newsworthy to society. The dignity of the human person has been diminished to the point that many will not recognize evil when they see it.

  4. Catherine
    3 years ago

    The issue is not putting animals and humans on any level. It is about addressing the violence and heartless nature of those who abuse and kill vulnerable beings. I wish the pro-life movement would connect the dots instead of talking as if animals somehow deserve to be tortured. Show me a person who treats an animal in a merciless way, and I will show you a person you should not entrust with your child or elderly parents. The perpetrator is the problem.

    It is not the position of the Church to ignore or accept animal cruelty until such a time as no one has abortions. The unborn are neither saved nor edified by tolerating the abuse of animals. On the contrary, we can't defend human dignity and at the same time betray it by "causing animals to suffer and die needlessly" as stated in the Catechism.

    I would very much like to know why this post was tagged with the keyword "cult."

  5. Bea Elliott
    3 years ago

    Seems like this video is an attempt to discredit and nullify the urgency to help nonhumans. What a crime as they are born innocent into a world of brutes who would destroy them by the billions without remorse or punishment. That's an injustice no one should endorse.

    “There is no religion without love, and people may talk as much as they like about religion, but if it does not teach them to be good and kind to the beasts as well as man, it is all a sham.”
    Anna Sewell [1820 - 1878]

  6. john lopez
    3 years ago

    This video looks like more propaganda!
    Animals deserve person hood rights and I would gladly vote for it!

  7. Mary
    3 years ago

    The video does not negate the abuse of animals, it focuses on the children that have no rights merely because they have not yet been born, Instead, they are murdered while still in their mother's womb. Many would say that if the mother were killed while pregnant, the murderer would be charged with two counts of murder. But if the mother decides to abort the child, then the child loses all rights to life. Instead we use creative language so instead of the word murder, we define the action as an abortion. We cannot have it both ways. Whose rights, whose justice?

  8. Ron Pastore
    3 years ago

    Is this video aiming to help unborn children or invalidate the helping of animals?

    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King Jr.

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