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This is an Abortion! - Warning Very Graphic

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Uploaded by Catholic Online on Aug 2, 2007

From the inception of his pro-life work, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priest for Life has been urging the mass media to show the American people what an abortion is. Abortion is a reality which is so horrific that words alone can never convey its meaning. Warning - This video is very graphic.


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  1. Mary
    4 months ago

    Why do women tell the world they had an abortion? Is it in hopes that people will agree that their choice was ok? I believe it is wrong and should not be done as a laughing matter. The world does not need to know that a woman having an abortion did the right thing.

  2. Jamelle Garrett
    1 year ago

    So many people performs abortions at all stages. At 3 months in the womb the babys limbs are grown and growing. I do NOT believe in abortions. I do NOT agree with abortions. We know how to prevent pregnancies. We have everything we need to prevent pregnancies. And just the true action of NOT having sex. there are so many women and men who long to be mothers and fathers and would make great parents. Why not give the baby up for adoption? I respect a woman who gives the child up for adoption rather than killing the baby. Even before the baby is developed at 2-3 weeks there is a heart beat. That heart beat that you hear is the most beautifullest sound right below God's voice. This video is real. @Frita you are in denial and ignorant(no disrespect) to the true facts of abortions and how murderous and criminal they are. If the laws said that it is okay to commit suicide, you would agree that people should be able to kill themselves? If the laws said that it was legal for men and women to be rapped, you would agree that people should be rapped? If the laws said that you had to jump off the roof and die, you would be okay with that law? Man made laws are flawed. Do you know how much money is made from women aborting their babies? even though abortion is wrong, think about why its legal.

  3. soldierX
    2 years ago

    To all the abortion supporters, How can you justify abortion at any stage of pregnancy when the "morning after" pill is readily available and at a lower price than an abortion. It is very easy to stroll to the drug store/pharmacy the morning after you have unprotected (and dare I say it... STD spreading) sex, buy a morning after pill, take it and end the pregnancy even before it begins. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the sperm to actually travel to the egg and fertilize it, giving a woman a minimum 24 hour time period prior to conception to rectify the situation.

    Furthermore, since abortion is legal, then why is it legally considered murder and a crime (in most states) for a man to give a woman abortion inducing medication or substances? Huge double standard there liberal ladies and gentlemen. If it's a crime for the male, then it should legally be a crime for the female (after all, isn't our society supposedly all about freedom, equality and fairness - per our current president's talking points)

  4. soldierX
    2 years ago

    @Frita. I would suggest you increase your knowledge of spelling and grammar before attempting to post in ANY forum. All you have done with this post is inform the public just how poorly educated or ignorant you really are. Furthermore, if you examined this footage carefully, you would have noticed the aged, grainy appearance of it, indicating it is from the 1990's (at the most recent) or possibly from a country where high quality recording equipment isn't available. There was a time in the US where late-term abortions were legal (and in many third world countries they still are). Again, if you had paid attention to the video instead of laughing as a demented person would, you would have also noticed that most of the baby remains in the video were quite small in comparison to the fingers of the doctors and equipment being used (indicating those clips of footage would easily have been within the "legal" time for abortion within the US). Regarding availability of contraceptives (not anticonceptives as you put it) reducing the rate of abortions, please cite your source, the size, ethnicity and socio-economic cross section of populace used for the study group, and the research methodology the source used to arrive at that conclusion. Knowledge is power M'am.

    On an unrelated note, please cite your sources and research for the statement that Saint Paul suffered from EPILEPSY (not ephylepsia as you spelled it) and was having a supposed seizure during his vision. I find it interesting that you cite Saint Paul, as the Disciple Peter is considered to have been the founder and father of the Catholic Church, not to mention the first Pope... Incorrect again M'am, I see a pattern emerging. Just so you know, I am not Catholic and have many issues with the Catholic Church and it's doctrine, but on abortion I agree with them. It is the killing of a human being, whether under justified circumstances (such as rape and incest, viability of the fetus and/or safety of the mother) or not (convenient, after-the-fact birth control). Besides, have you not heard of the morning after pill, which stops the pregnancy prior to fertilization? In this modern world there is no excuse for abortion, and those involved will eventually have to answer for their roles in this massacre.

  5. Mary S.
    2 years ago

    I was a supporter of abortion and supported women who had abortions. My sister committed suicide after an abortion. I don't know if that was a side effect which led to her depression. I wish that my sister would of had some kind of counseling or at least look up videos on abortion like this one. I got nausea when I saw this video. I changed my mind about supporting abortion. Now, the only time that a baby should be removed from the fetus if it has no heart beat (no life inside). This video had an impact on me. Now, I feel so sad for women who get abortions.

  6. Jackie
    2 years ago

    I cannot believe we live in a nation that allows pre-birth infanticide and go around patting mothers who paid surgeons to terminate the life of her child because we don't want to hurt the women's feelings. I don't 100% agree with the conservatives but if this is what freedom is it's sick and twisted.

  7. Mary
    2 years ago

    It is plain to see that abortion is terminating a pregnancy, killing a baby and the wrong choice.

    So, I pray that the Spirit gives us the Courage to call out a wrong but also allows for an increase in the common-sense virtue of Temperence in expressing ourselves. It seems very inappropriate to me to judge a young girl or woman with comments about "you spread your legs..." Not one of us knows the circumstances of how a particular baby was conceived. There WAS a man important piece of the puzzle is responsibility.

    The Holy Spirit gave us a gift of Charity and Jesus specifically asked us not to judge. Let's each one of us ask the Spirit to guide our thoughts, speech, and actions to show us how we can help these babies into adulthood. Telling the truth about a situation is one thing but deliberately insulting uninformed women in pain is another. These tiny babies they are carrying can feel any uncharitableness toward their mothers loud and clear.

  8. chris and olivia
    2 years ago

    @Fita i don't see this as a lie, its very hard to stages images like that. Also, i don't really see 56 million abortions in just the US since 1973 as abortions dropping drastically, oh yeah and 1.3 billion abortions worldwide since 1980 doesn't really sound like an amount that's gonna slow down anytime soon. its good to see you laughing at a bunch of videos of dead babies, you obviously are an intellectual who sits down and thinks about world issues. This is not a social issue its a health issue.

    What classifies this as murder, well lets use logic.
    Do dead things grow? no, therefore its living.
    what kind of life is it? human life.
    So its living human life.
    The definition of murder is the unlawful killing of human life, therefore abortion should be unlawful killing of human life.

    And women should leave their bodies to themselves as to not have so much premarital sex so they wont have to worry about killing someone. Also abortion is unsafe in all cases and damages the womans body. If they also do do it in back alleys(which most before roe V. Wade went to doctors who performed them illegally for an extra buck) that would still have been illegal. Planned parent hood spent 542 million dollars in 2012 for abortions that used federal money and constantly flaunt that abortion(first option on their home page) is a great option to deal with unplanned children as opposed to a much cheaper way of dealing with the child such as adoption.

    Parents can also get genetics tests on their unborn children to see if their child will have any special needs so the parents can determine whether the child will be too much of a liability. So apparently children with special needs is a bad to society so parents can go and terminate them because their lives(parents) lives would have been bad. I honestly do not see how this is any different from what Hitler did. Oh wait, its not. Abortion has ended more lives in the Past 40 years than any war or disease combined.

  9. gennifer lafferty
    2 years ago

    abortion is wrong in every way. you spread your legs you deal with what comes out. it's wrong to murder a baby. no excuse. use birth control.

  10. lexi grey
    2 years ago

    are you the woman who made the very difficult decision to terminate the fetus? no.
    if abortion is made illegal abortions wont stop. civilians will start to sell them and put the woman's life in danger.

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