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Conclusive Scientific Proof That God Exists And The Bible Is True

5/28/2009 - 12:01 PM PST

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GLADSTONE, OR (MAY 28, 2009) - It is generally said that the existence of God can't be scientifically proven. But based on his education and backgrounds in engineering, science, psychology, spirituality, and theology, Dennis Marcellino has been able to combine those fields to come up with 10 conclusive areas of scientific proof, which he spells out in simple terms in his new book titled THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true. Also helping him come to his insights and proofs was a personal search for THE* truth and the optimum way to live, which he was deeply involved in for many years. That search took him through 19 different approaches to truth, lifestyle, problem solving and personal growth before landing on the proof he has now come to. (*In spite of the many opinions and explanations in the world, the science of logic says that there is only one true explanation for the nature and meaning of existence, which Pope Benedict is in agreement with in his writings on "relativism").

As an example of his proofs, Marcellino says, "Why do many modern scientists keep looking for a physical answer to the beginning of the universe when the 1st Law of Thermodynamics says that physical things can't create new physical things out of nothing? It is obvious then that the physical universe had to have a non-physical starter." He then goes on to scientifically prove that the "non-physical starter" is a powerful, intelligent, eternal being. And this is only part of one of his proofs. He says that he's made every effort to keep the proofs non-technical, easy to understand and easy to communicate to others. He also says that his proofs are "conclusive" because there are no scientifically provable arguments that can disprove them.

One of Dennis' purposes in coming out with this proof is to show how secular humanists have been falsely using "science" as a weapon against religion. And those efforts have aided a moral down turn in this nation - where many citizens now struggle with knowing how to live in harmony with their creator and His creation. Statistics show that that has caused a lot of suffering for a lot of people. And with atheism and agnosticism on the rise (U.S. Census: 8.1% in 1990; Harris Poll: 23.0% in 2006), this should be a serious concern in this country. (In Europe it was 48% in 2005. Eurostat.).

In his book Dennis shows how true science is as one of its founding fathers, Louis Pasteur, said: "A little bit of science averts people from God, a lot of it takes us back to Him." It also shows how, unlike the current mainstream perception, modern science discoveries have only further proven that Pasteur's statement is true.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of six books, a speaker, and a frequent media guest, including on EWTN's The Journey Home. His new book, THE PROOF, can be seen at


Lighthouse Publishing  OR, 97027 US
Dennis Marcellino - Publisher, 503 650-8840




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1 - 8 of 8 Comments

  1. Stella
    2 years ago

    All I know is that Einstein proved the existence of God mathematically...and physicists continue his work in that field, at Harvard. There is no end to dimensions, no end to the + and no end to the -. God said I am the beginning and the end. He is the father because He is the source of all energy, He came of Himself and imagine a laser beam going into the Virgin Mother (how could they explain energy to people who had never even had the most basic education?. He is the father because He came of Himself, and He is the Son because He sent His energy into Mary to form a child. He is the Holy Spirit God the source of all energy that lives in us. We have free will to use that energy towards good or bad but if we do bad things, those -'s diminish our +'s with God. However, my mathematician and physicist father told me we are like ants, who have roads, armies, queens, etc. but yet, lack the capacity to hear something as loud as thunder. He said in his book and I quote him in mine: "Just like ants lack the capacity to hear something as loud as thunder, so do Humans lack the capacity to hear the thunder of truth".

  2. Mark
    3 years ago

    This is hilarious, I never find proof for god but I always stumble across people who claim to have evidence either in ignorance or dishonestly.
    I wonder if god was true why so many people twist Science in a way to make it unrecognizable and claim the findings as honest evidence.

    Im sure the theists reading this deciding what to censor will ignore my comments as he ignores the reality of the bible, and I would also like to say dont be a hypocrite If all the evidence points away from a god be honest to your Values and admit faith is 100% all you have.

  3. John
    4 years ago

    I would like to converse with this author for a few. I am a post modernist and don't believe are minds can really know ultimate truths, unless they experience it personally, and even then the experience must be repeated by others successfully in order for the scientific method to be used. Anyway, I have not had a Christian religious experience before so I can't say much about the bible being true. Anyone else who wants me to simply take their word about the bible. But what I hate worse is when science and logic are used to prove gods existence, yet the Christian religion requires it's followers to have faith, which means to believe in something you Dont completely understand. So if you prove god exist and the Christian religion is the correct when, then you no longer have faith in god and Christianity; you know it to be right, without faith you have an incomplete religion. Bottom-line: scientifically proving gods existence should not be what the goal is. It just ends up underminding your religion.

  4. Brian Dobson
    5 years ago

    This, along with the Gospel's, is making it further and further evident that God does in fact exist. Faith and Science team up to prove this.

    When I Speak about God, Especially with Atheists, I tend to bring these scientific facts in with my presentation alongside the Gospels.

  5. doug
    6 years ago

    Had the best laugh from this
    "Why do many modern scientists keep looking for a physical answer to the beginning of the universe when the 1st Law of Thermodynamics says that physical things can’t create new physical things out of nothing? It is obvious then that the physical universe had to have a non-physical starter.”

    Wow! completely retarded easy answer blank bag mass and matter, how do you explain the expanding universe or that everything in the bible was wrong no thanks to zombies and magic. I wonder if it a ploy to make money or if he is retarded.

  6. beebs
    6 years ago

    This book is an argument from ignorance. Can't explain something scientific?

    Then "Goddidit" is the solution.

  7. Piet Puk
    6 years ago

    Dennis Marcellino has no scientific proof that the universe was pooped into existence by a green unicorn. Hence this is true.

    People like here are the reason religion is more and more regarded as plain dumb.

  8. Johann
    6 years ago

    "He also says that his proofs are “conclusive” because there are no scientifically provable arguments that can disprove them."

    ...wait, what? When I say "God exists", science can't disprove my assertion, but its inability to do so doesn't make what I said *proof* of God's existence. If the reasoning in the book is really this shoddy, I think I'll give it a pass.

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