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Article V could be invoked. Here's what you need to know

By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)
8/17/2017 (1 month ago)
Catholic Online (

Article V of the Constitution allows states to amend the document without federal interference.

Americans are fed up with the poor job Congress is doing. Many are calling for change, but how can Congress be reformed when everything must first be passed through Congress? It turns out, the founding fathers included the answer in Article V of the Constitution.

Article V of the Constitution allows states to amend the Constitution without interference from Congress or the president.

Article V of the Constitution allows states to amend the Constitution without interference from Congress or the president.


By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)
Catholic Online (
8/17/2017 (1 month ago)

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LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) -- The Constitution of the United States of America is one of the most brilliant, and ingenious documents ever written. It is the ultimate product of Enlightenment reason and philosophy, and it remains the best governing document ever written for the insurance of liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all. It has been emulated around the world precisely because nobody in over two centuries has come up with better ideas.

One of the shortcomings of our system of government is that Congress is trusted to regulate itself. This was reasonable in an age where a self-serving senator or representative would be booted out by his landowning peers. But today, apathy, ignorance, and a general sense of despair have combined with corruption to ensure that bad people stay in office for a very long time.

Congress has become so corrupt that they no longer pass laws in the public interest. Instead, they pass laws in the private interest, consistent with their twisted ideologies, and any benefit to the public is merely a coincidence.

How can the people convince Congress to reform itself when it is corrupted beyond all measure?

The founding fathers in their genius, considered this too and thus Article V was born.

Article V of the Constitution allows the states to propose and pass amendments to the Constitution without the approval of the federal government.

Article V provides a way for the people to force Congress to change without Congress or the president blocking the reform.

To call a convention to propose, debate, and ratify an amendment, half of the states must agree. Once they meet, there is question if they can only debate a specific topic, or if the entire Constitution is open to debate. Most experts think the entire Constitution would be open for debate.  There has never been a state convention under Article V.

If the entire Constitution is up for debate, then anything and everything could be changed. Of course, all changes require two-thirds of the states to agree. But if the changes are popular enough, and the states agree, then big changes could be made.

Proposed changes could include a balanced budget amendment, term limits for Congress, or some other reforms to end corruption. Anything is possible.

So far, nine states have passed resolutions calling for an Article V convention. Those states include: Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

It does not appear a convention is forthcoming in the immediate future, but as more people become dissatisfied with Congress the notion of a convention is gaining popularity. In a year's time, or perhaps in a few years, attitudes towards a convention could be more favorable and then, we just might see real changes in how our nation is governed.

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