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At least Judas got thirty pieces of silver. What did Republicans get for betraying the American people on Obamacare?

7/13/2017 (2 months ago)
Catholic Online (

Religious freedom, protection for the unborn, our Republic and the Constitution, all betrayed.

Republicans have officially become worse than the Democrats they were sent to stop. Names like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy belong next to Judas, and Benedict Arnold. Here's the evidence of their betrayal, in their own words. 

Senate Majority leader, McConnell and his Republican friends have sold out hardworking Americans, proposing a giveaway that not even Democrats would have dared.

Senate Majority leader, McConnell and his Republican friends have sold out hardworking Americans, proposing a giveaway that not even Democrats would have dared.


LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - "Obamacare should be repealed root and branch." - Mitch McConnell

We'll fight [Obamacare] and every other assault on liberty that the left throws at us, and restore the American ideal." - Mitch McConnell

"And there is no more urgent problem than Obamacare." - Paul Ryan

"Not too long ago, Bill Clinton called Obamacare "the craziest thing in the world." He is on to something there." - Paul Ryan

"Simply put, Obamacare is failing," - McCarthy video on Obamacare

These quotes summarize the Republican leadership's position on Obamacare. This is what they repeat to us when it's time to vote for their reelection.

But there is one statistic to rule them all.

During the Obama presidency, Republicans brought more than 50 repeal measures to the floor. More than 50 times, they tried to repeal Obamacare and failed. Why? Because Democrats controlled Congress and the White House.  They know they could not get these bills passed.

The American people have fixed that problem. Now, after getting their wish, Republicans cannot bring a single bill to pass. Not one single bill.

Why not? Because our Republican leaders are corrupt, lying, self-serving, traitorous bags of hot air who have deceived the American people into voting for them. These people NEVER had any intention of repealing one of the worst laws in our nation's history.

The excuses are gruesome: "Our goal is to give every American access to quality, affordable healthcare." - Paul Ryan. That's right, Paul Ryan won't repeal Obamacare until we can replace it with something.

That's a lofty goal for Ryan to set, but there's just one problem. Where in the United States Constitution does it say that government has the responsibility to provide healthcare to the American people?

It doesn't.

Healthcare is a private concern. This is why we've had private hospitals, charitable hospitals, and private insurers to provide these services. And until now, the system has worked fairly well. People who needed care always seemed to get it. People that worked and purchased insurance paid a small monthly premium, and when they got sick they went to the doctor. And many young people simply went without it, and spent their money on other things, such as rent, car payments, or savings for a first home. These are valid choices for the healthy. There was no IRS tax man with a stick, ready to punish you for choosing whether or not to purchase a product. But that's exactly what Obamacare does. It forces you to buy a product or be punished.

Our government has exceeded its Constitutional bounds by ham-fistedly manipulating the healthcare market. They have wasted trillions of our tax dollars. These are crimes against the Constitution and the people. The fact the Republicans now refuse to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution and serve the people is evidence enough of their treason.

Republicans are now doing things Democrats never dared to do just a year ago. As part of their plan to replace Obamacare, Republicans proposed a massive government subsidy to the insurance companies, for the purpose of reducing premium costs. That's right. Republicans want to give private corporations free money, as long as they promise not to raise premiums. Nobody is talking about how these subsidies will affect the quality of care, or prices down the road for millions of people.

Everyone knows lying is wrong. When you lie, you deserve to be punished. And you must be, because that's justice. But so far, there is no justice because the voters keep sending these people back to office, time and again. 

Enough is enough!

McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy and their fellow Republicans and just plain bold-faced LIARS. They are a disgrace. They are TRAITORS to the American people.

Judas got thirty pieces of silver. What did Republicans get to sell out protecting the unborn? What's the prize for trampling religious freedom? What did they get for taxing working Americans and small businesses? What reward awaits them for trashing our Republic and the Constitution?

As voters we have a responsibility to recall these people from office. Barring that, we must not vote for them ever again. And we mean ever again!

If we fail to enforce the mandates of justice on these hardened, traitorous liars, who have violated their trust, then we get what we deserve.

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