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By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)

8/7/2014 (10 months ago)

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Town of 50,000 displaced by ISIS.

Islamic State terrorists have captured the largest Christian city in Iraq and driven tens of thousands of Christians as well as thousands of Yazidis, a religion related to Zoroastrianism. According to reports, many thousands of people are trapped in the mountain regions near the cities of Mosul and Kirkuk without food or water or basic shelter or sanitation, promoting consideration of supply drops.

ISIS uses crucifixion as a public way of insulting those accused of disloyalty.

ISIS uses crucifixion as a public way of insulting those accused of disloyalty.


By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)

Catholic Online (

8/7/2014 (10 months ago)

Published in Middle East

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The humanitarian crisis, especially for Christians in Iraq, continues to spread. Within the last 24 hours, Islamic State terrorists have seized the town of Qaraqosh, southwest of Mosul, which had been a retreat for Christians fleeing for their lives from Mosul.

The 50,000 Christian inhabitants of Qaraqosh are now fleeing for their lives, some for the second time after being displaced from homes in Mosul just two weeks earlier. Those fleeing report that Islamic State terrorists are making the options very plain. They may convert, leave, or they will be killed.

Send help to Iraqi Christians in dire need!

With at least 500 people killed by the Islamic State in the past week alone, and those are the killings we know about, nobody assumes that the Islamic State terrorists are bluffing.

Christians are being systematically driven from their ancestral lands in northern Iraq and there is no reason to believe that the Islamic State terrorists will stop there. Instead, they will continue to press into new territories as long as they are able and Christians will continue to be sent fleeing.

Most Christians have fled east into Kurdish-controlled territory where they have been promised protection, but it is unclear if the Kurds can protect their territory.

President Obama has announced via his press secretary that the U.S. may consider humanitarian aid drops to refugees stranded and surrounded in mountainous regions.

According to the United Nations, tens of children have already died, many more are starving without food or water, and none have the ability to leave the region safely. All are on foot and too far from relief, prompting consideration of the aid drops.

However, President Obama is attaching strings to any U.S. support, calling on the Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki to step down so a more "inclusive" government can be formed. The Iraqi Parliament is sharply divided on what to do about al-Maliki and who could replace him.

The problem is costing lives, every day.

Currently, the only help Iraqi Christians are receiving is via the World Health Organization and a variety of aid organizations including Catholic organizations. That aid is becoming increasingly insufficient as more and more people become destitute and displaced as a result of Islamic State expansion.

Please send aid today!

Children are among those displaced and the most vulnerable in situations like these. At least 50 hav

Children are among those displaced and the most vulnerable in situations like these. At least 50 have died while fleeing, according to UNICEF, mostly due to lack of basic needs and sanitation.

All of the men in the back of this truck are now dead, among the thousands of Iraqi soldiers execute

All of the men in the back of this truck are now dead, among the thousands of Iraqi soldiers executed by ISIS.

ISIS terrorists continue to film their executions and mayhem, hoping to intimidate others into joini

ISIS terrorists continue to film their executions and mayhem, hoping to intimidate others into joining or cowering.

Please send aid today!


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