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Gov. Abbott signs pro-life law that protects religious freedom and is becoming a model for the nation

By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)
8/16/2017 (1 month ago)
Catholic Online (

Law protects people from being forced to pay for abortions.

Texas Gov. Greg Aboott has signed a law that protects the religious freedom of the state's citizens. The law allows citizens who object to abortion to opt out of paying for it as part of their insurance plans.

Gov. Abbott of Texas has signed into law a bill that protects religious freedom by exempting people from paying for abortions.

Gov. Abbott of Texas has signed into law a bill that protects religious freedom by exempting people from paying for abortions.


By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)
Catholic Online (
8/16/2017 (1 month ago)

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Keywords: Gov. Abbott, Texas, pro-life, abortion, law, religious freedom

Texas has taken a step towards pro-life once again, this time passing a law that allows people to exempt themselves from paying for abortion coverage.

The law is grounded in the rationale that abortion is not healthcare. You cannot define as healthcare something that ends a human life.

Anti-life organizations and doctors protested, claiming that abortion is "essential" healthcare. They mentioned one-off cases such as handicap. The Guttmacher Institute, a front organization for Planned Parenthood, said most women already pay out of pocket for abortions already.

But if that is the case, then the law should not adversely impact anyone, it can only help clear the consciences of people who do not wish to participate in abortion.

Until now, all people paid for abortion services as part of their taxes and premiums. Now, people who genuinely object to abortion will be able to exempt themselves from paying money into the system for abortion.

This is a reasonable law. How many people would support a law that forced Muslims to eat pork? How many people would compel an Orthodox Jew to work on the Sabbath? No civilized person would. So why do we think we can ask Christians to support abortion, in direct violation of their sincerely held religious beliefs?

So far, ten states have similar laws, but the hope is other states will follow. What is wrong with giving people freedom to opt in or out of government services they may find objectionable? We cannot exempt people from all obligations to society, but when religious freedom is involved, we have little choice.

Freedom of conscience is a cornerstone of many religions and societies. This is especially true in America. It is good to see it respected again.

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