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New study reveals the truth behind broken families using men v. women census

4/21/2017 (3 months ago)
Catholic Online (

'Among mothers with two or more children, 21 percent have MPF.'

New study reveals the truth about men and women.

Women are more likely to have children from multiple partners than men are.

Women are more likely to have children from multiple partners than men are.


Catholic Online (
4/21/2017 (3 months ago)

Published in Marriage & Family

Keywords: Men, women, partners, children, fertility

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - According to a new study released by the Census Bureau, women are more likely to have children with different fathers than men are to have multiple children with multiple women.

Multiple children with multiple parents is another symptom of a society that does not place God at its center.

The study focuses on people who have multiple partner fertility, or MPF. MPF is the result of several sexual partners, numerous failed marriages and other similar lifestyles.

The report clarifies: "Among mothers with two or more children, 21.6 percent have multiple partner fertility, while 19.3 percent of fathers of two or more children have multiple partner fertility.

Of all American women 15 years of age and older, 11.4 percent have several babies with multiple fathers, while men of the same ages are at only 8.6 percent.

Among women 15-years-old and up who have only had at least one child, 16.6 percent went on to have several babies by several other fathers.

Multiple Partner Fertility.

Multiple Partner Fertility (

Of all American men 15-years-old and up who have biologically fathered at least one baby 14.6 percent have later fathered multiple babies from different mothers.

The report states: "Parents with multiple partner fertility are identified by the children born to them (or, for men, biologically fathered by them). Custody of children is not a defining factor; a parent does not have to live with any of his or her children to be a multiple partner fertility parent.

"Multiple partner fertility is also not defined by current marital status; married, divorced, cohabiting, and single parents can all have multiple partner fertility."

The report also revealed only 77.7 percent of couples with children have only children with each other. All other American couples have children with each other and at least one other partner who has also had a child with someone else.

Where have morals gone? At what point will society look at its children and realize it's time to stop the pain and time to reintroduce the morals of the Church, which would stop the broken family epidemic sweeping the nation.

When families unite, and when couples stay loyal to each other, children grow up in healthier environments, are more grounded in the strong foundation of family and tend to grow up with fewer hardships as a result. Please pray for an end to the brokenness spreading across the United States and for the children who suffer the consequences.


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