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Pro-Pope flyers posted around Rome as part of new tolerance initiative

4/19/2017 (4 months ago)
Catholic Online (

'We need a new worldwide movement, a tsunami of tolerance.'

Rome has been riddled with anti-Pope flyers in the past, but recently the Global Tolerance Initiative decided to do the opposite.

Pro-Pope Francis flyers were posted in Rome (Love is Tolerance).

Pro-Pope Francis flyers were posted in Rome (Love is Tolerance).


Catholic Online (
4/19/2017 (4 months ago)

Published in Living Faith

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Pro-Pope posters, written in both English and Italian, were posted around Rome, thanking the Pontiff for his Christian works.

"Thank you Pope Francis! For your true Christian engagement with love and mercy, as demanded by Jesus so often in our Holy Bible.

"May all cardinals, bishops and priests read out Holy Bible with open eyes, hearts and minds and follow your wise advice with love.

"Let us all pray for you and the church with a 'thinking heart and a loving mind.'"

The flyers were posted by The Global Tolerance Initiative, which put 300 posters up around Rome and referred people to the Love is Tolerance website, where it explains, "No tolerance for intolerance - tolerance is love - Join us and the world be as one."

The site further explained 700 flyers more flyers were distributed to priests, students, the media, bishops and activists within the city.

They were put up on April 14 and will remain until April 22.

Pro-Pope flyers posted in Rome.

Pro-Pope flyers posted in Rome.

Love is Tolerance does not lean toward a particular group or religion. It simply calls people to be tolerant of one another.

It states: "If we do not tend the sensible law of tolerance, it becomes wild and overgrown with the weeds of hatred. In actual life, we must water and tend the delicate grass of tolerance daily, so that it stays green and grows.

"The focus of the ethic of tolerance should be thousands of mosaic-like local grassroots campaigns and positive best practices. These are the local catalysts of good coexistence.

"We must get involved actively and promote tolerance and respect for other religions, minorities and races with many small gestures and actions.

"We need a new worldwide movement, a tsunami of tolerance. Existing attempts are not sufficient and are, in terms of effect, weak. We are only at the very beginning."

The site and posters are attempts to spread tolerance among divided people. It is easy to judge people based on their faith, ethnicity, gender, how they dress, how they style their hair and even how they speak.

It's time to stop the hate and promote a culture of equality. What's the best way to do that? Look to Pope Francis and his loving heart for all, then follow in his footsteps, even as he follows in Christ's.


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