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'Forgive, Love and Heal': One man's journey to 'Heaven' and back

8/23/2016 (1 year ago)
Catholic Online (

'Now it is your time to heal the diseases of the soul: addiction, depression, chronic pain and cancer.'

Dr. Rajiv Parti experienced an emergency in 2010 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, leading him to an event that changed his life forever.

Dr. Rajiv Parti believes he died and temporarily went to Heaven.

Dr. Rajiv Parti believes he died and temporarily went to Heaven.


Catholic Online (
8/23/2016 (1 year ago)

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - When Dr. Parti was rushed to UCLA's emergency room, he lost control of his bodily functions, suffered a 105-degree fever and an infection that spread to his blood.

He knew the odds of surviving were against him and he spent that first night sedated on morphine.

The next day, Dr. Parti was went to the operating room where he believes he passed away temporarily.

Dr. Parti claims he experienced an out-of-body experience, which he describes on his website:

"I can easily re-live all of the events of my near-death experience, from my meeting with my departed father on the rim of Hell, to the past lives that explained my problems with ego and prescription medicine, to the glorious meeting I had with Guardian Angels - Raphael and Michael - coming to me out of a field of flowers that glowed with the ineffable power of pure love.

"It was there, in this heavenly place, that they gave my life new direction, saying, 'Now it is your time to heal the diseases of the soul: addiction, depression, chronic pain and cancer.'"

Dr. Parti claims the angels taught him "consciousness-based medicine," which focuses on three words, repeated in a mantra: "Forgive, Love and Heal." These three words are based on seven "eternal truths" he believes the angels revealed to him:

  • Consciousness exists outside of the body.
  • There is life after death.
  • We have past lives and our experiences therein can shape our current realities.
  • We are all connected to each other because we are all made of the one and same energy that manifests as differentiated matter.
  • Divine being exist to help and guide us.
  • There are different levels of consciousness.
  • There is one, all-pervading, supreme love and intelligence that is the source of the entire universe, and that love is the supreme source of creation.

Dr. Parti believes his story is one of "peace, transcendence and grace."

Dr. Parti believes his story is one of "peace, transcendence and grace (Dr. Rajiv Parti)."

In his book, titled "Dying to Wake Up," Dr. Parti explains the seven truths, his experience and the benefits of learning from his near-death experience.

According to the Daily Mail, part of Dr. Parti's experience included a visit to India, where he saw his mother, dressed in a green sari, sitting at home with his sister, who wore blue jeans and a blue top.

They were planning a meal consisting of vegetables, yogurt and rice. He didn't see them long before he traveled to a "hellish realm," where black clouds, lightening, a wild fire and horned creatures reigned.

There, he met his father who walked him down a tunnel, which opened to "the light of a thousand suns that did not hurt the eyes."

Then he woke up.

Dr. Parti recalled hearing a joke one surgeon told as his body lay unconscious on the table and when he asked, the surgeon confirmed the joke he told was indeed the same Dr. Parti recalled.

He also claimed his mother confirmed the details of his India visit were accurate. They were indeed wearing those clothes and planning that meal.

Critics were quick to cast doubt on his tale, but Dr. Parti refused to yield.

"It healed my spirit and changed my destiny," he explained on his site.

"Helping others do the same is now my goal in life. A dream of spiritual peace is a common one. I want to show people how to attain it."


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