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EXPOSED: Notre Dame Pres. on Board of Pro-Condom Organization

Any Catholic university that supports a program to reduce poverty by eliminating poor children has a serious problem.

Any Catholic university that supports a program to reduce poverty by eliminating poor children has a serious problem. No Catholic should be taking a leadership role in an effort that distributes contraception or promotes abortion. (Patrick Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society)

Any Catholic university that supports a program to reduce poverty by eliminating poor children has a serious problem. No Catholic should be taking a leadership role in an effort that distributes contraception or promotes abortion. (Patrick Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society)

MANASSAS, Va. (Cardinal Newman Society) - According to a story by, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President of the University of Notre Dame, sits on the board of Millennium Promise, an anti-poverty organization which reportedly supports the distribution of condoms and encourages the establishment of abortion services where legal.

“Any Catholic university that supports a program to reduce poverty by eliminating poor children has a serious problem. No Catholic should be taking a leadership role in an effort that distributes contraception or promotes abortion," said Patrick Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society.

The University of Notre Dame has been under intense criticism for the past two months regarding its decision to honor and host pro-abortion President Barack Obama at commencement on May 17. More than 70 U.S. bishops are opposing the university’s action and more than 360,000 individuals have signed the CNS petition at calling on Fr. Jenkins to rescind the invitation.

Millennium Promise works to raise funds from the private sector for “Millennium Villages,” a group working with under-privileged African villages.

While these “villages” seem to have laudable goals, a Millennium Villages handbook explains that "family planning and contraception services are critical to allow women to choose family size and birth spacing, to combat sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection, and contribute to the reduction of maternal morbidity and mortality."

It later explains how services include: "(1) Counseling; (2) Male and female condoms; (3) Pharmacologic contraceptives including oral, transdermal, intramuscular, and implanted methods; and (4) IUDs."

The handbook continues, encouraging "safe" abortion, "In countries where abortion is legal, safe abortion services in controlled settings by skilled practitioners should be established."

Continuing further, the Millennium Villages handbook reads, “However, in instances where no district center or alternate post for safe abortion practices is accessible, abortion services can be offered at the village level, provided that sufficient surgical capacity exists.”

University of Notre Dame President Fr. Jenkins’ membership on the board of directors of Millennium Promise can be verified by viewing the organization’s website.

According to Life Site News, Fr. Jenkins has stated in the past that Notre Dame participates in the Millennium Villages Project via the Notre Dame Millennium Development Initiative (NDMDI). The efforts of the NDMDI focus on Uganda.


The Cardinal Newman Society is dedicated to renewing and strengthening Catholic identity at America's 224 Catholic colleges and universities.This article is used with permission.



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1 - 10 of 37 Comments

  1. Holly
    4 years ago

    Jennifer thank God he created you.
    Thank you for your information.
    Its good to hear sound facts to go along with this issue.
    God Bless everyone here.

  2. Holly
    4 years ago

    God bless you Katie.
    Also I wanted to say anyone hurting about their abortion or feel that people are judging them please inquire into Racheal's Vineyard.
    I noticed one or two people coming down on pro-lifers thinking we dont care about post abortive women and men.
    This is not true.
    Im not speaking for everyone but sometimes people can get a little gruff when they mean well and what were doing for the pro-life movement is bigger than we are.
    We love you and its up to you we cant make anyone go anywhere we can only suggest.
    God bless everyone here lets pray for Patrick Kamau and Africa but lets ask the Blessed Mother to continue to look out for her children here in the old USA.
    After all dont forget America has been consecrated to her.
    She is watching and so is her son.
    Love in Christ brothers and sisters.

  3. KATIE
    4 years ago

    This one is for you:
    Fact: One of the leading causes of the spread of Aids is HAVING SEX. Most cases are outside of marriage.

    Fact: Did you know that in some parts of Africa that there is a superstition that if an infected man has sex with a child, he will get rid of his Aids?

    Fact: Ignorance is why people continue to spread the disease being told that condoms will prevent the spread. We are humans with the ability to reason. Not animals with animal instincts to breed. People need to be educated.

    One thing is for sure, until the natural order of things is restored, secularist and the remaining "feels good to me" society will have to really evaluate what they think is right. Society is getting too corrupt. Only God can make things change right now. Satan has a grip on too many people.

    Fact: Just because Barack is president, does not mean he is the subject matter expert on scientific matters. He is just a man with limited capacity.

  4. kenneth zanter
    4 years ago

    Here we have this great institution, (N.D.)and they have a christian come and speak to them.He is on one side of this pro-life issue.Everyone is screaming.Now of all the people who have attended N.D.who is or has been in congress in the last 30 years has issued a bill to remove the court ordered murder of our future children.WE can no longer pray in school.never seen a bill to remove this court ordered law. For all you people who say this will not work. Study your history.Income tax went through the supreme court 3 times before it became a law. But then we had people who when they were elected worked for the people not the party. As Lee Iaccoca said "where are all the leaders gone"?

  5. patrick kamau
    4 years ago

    Shock and shock. I am writing from Africa.We dont need condom and pills to manage our health problems. What we need is clean water,essential supplements and medicine to tackle diarrhea and other infectious disease like malaria more so in children and pregnant mother.With millions of condoms donated in Africa ever since HIV was reported, the prevalence Hiv is still high.

  6. JC
    4 years ago

    Jenkins and Notre Dame are a travesty and embarrassment to our Faith and all things Catholic. Obama used them, and they sold out.

  7. Alcee Duplessis
    4 years ago

    I was so struck by Mr. Burke's comments that I forgot the article concerned Fr. Jenkins. If the assertions made in the article are factual and I would feel certain that they are considering how damaging it would be to the author and this site were they not, it makes so much more sense given that Fr. Jenkins saw no wrong in honoring the President in the manner which he has chosen. Living the lie of pro-choice allows us to legitimize all sorts of actions. It allows us the convenience of looking the other way when confronted with the truth or to change the subject when we are asked a question which has a simple and obvious answer. I earn far less than the Presidents of either the United States or the University of Notre Dame but telling you when life begins and wether it is a human life in the womb of a pregnant woman is definitely not above my pay grade. It would appear that Fr. Jenkins is only acting out what he has already decided in his heart. God bless him, God bless President Obama, God have mercy and bless us all. Queen of mercy protect us from the enemy and receive us at the hour of our death.

  8. K
    4 years ago

    Father Jenkins made himself more vulnerable to the devil when he joined this board. This helps to explain his invitation. Now, more than ever, Father Jenkins needs our prayers. We ask Our Lady to keep Father Jenkins under the protection of her mantel leading him to Jesus today and everyday.

  9. Alcee Duplessis
    4 years ago

    re: Mr. Burke is careful to endorse the quick fix using tunnelvision to look past the most logical solution to the problems we face. To justify an abandonment of Christ's teaching on morality in order to provide an answer is simplistic. Love requires sacrifice, self sacrifice by everyone.

  10. Jennifer
    4 years ago

    I am sorry your facts are wrong Ed...

    Editor of Rubber Chemistry and Technology, Dr. C. Michael Roland of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C., spoke about his research on "intrinsic flaws" in latex rubber condoms and surgical gloves(published in Rubber World, June, 1993).

    Roland said that what I am about to relate is "common knowledge among good scientists who have no political agenda."

    Electron microscopy reveals the HIV virus to be about O.1 microns in size(a micron is a millionth of a metre). It is 60 times smaller than a syphilis bacterium, and 450 times smaller than a single human sperm.

    The standard U.S. government leakage test (ASTM) will detect water leakage through holes only as small as 10 to 12 microns.

    Roland says in good tests based on these standards, 33% of all condoms tested allowed HIV-sized particles through, and that "spermicidal agents such as nonoxonol-9 may actually ease the passage."

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