Virtual Prayer Candle for Family!!!


Please bring better luck to my children and grandchildren and help all our luck change for the better. Please pray for Paetyn and help her get potty trained and off the bottle and keep her safe always and pray for Addie help her with her bed wetting so she can outgrow it, help her learn everything she needs in learning at school and help her pass with flying colors help her be safe always pray for Viola help her with school basketball and all her needs keep her safe always pray for john help him with school and with his basketball so he plays well and does well and please help his other coach start liking him too and help his acne clear up keep him safe always pray for chelsea help her do well at her job and help her with all her needs in getting the house and all needs pray for chris help him find a better job and help him with all his needs pray for tracy help her with her job so she can find a better postion in the company and help her with chris and allll her needs pray for hollie help her with her job to get a promotion or a better job help travis with his job to get a promotion and all their needs with the animals and all pray for jerry so he can find a part time job soon and help him with his needs help me with finding a part time job that works around the kids help us all financially and win some money please be with us all and keep us safe well and healty heal hannahs cold heart make her be a nice person and help my family heal Love you thank you