Virtual Prayer Candle for Unity of Marriage

Unity of Marriage

To the glory and honor of God our Father. Father, through Your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, living in Mary, accept our honor and glory humble praise and thanksgiving for Your love, blessing, and care. We came together as husband and wife with two loves, one commanded by Your Son, one caused by our attraction to each other. Challenged to unite our personal love with Christ's love, as we promised before You, in the midst of family and friends, before the faithful Priest; we are supported by Your continuing presence through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and Immaculate Mary; leading, guiding and protecting us, in the unity of our marriage, as spouses. Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary, hold us close to Your Immaculate Heart, care for us, and protect us, bring us close to Christ and defeat Satan. Christ, You call us in our hearts to serve with mercy and love, to bring forth the love and souls of humanity, to satiate Your "Thirst." Heavenly Father, help us to bear fruit for Your Kingdom, redeem all those needing Your Mercy. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, One God, the Triune God. Amen.