Virtual Prayer Candle for Johnny and Patricia

Johnny and Patricia

John the Baptist who baptized Jesus Christ and all that is holy and sacred. I pray in Jesus name please bless and protect my son always. Protect and bless us always. Bless me and keep me close to Jesus always. I pray that we may heal. And I pray to The Lord that this person may be found and convicted for all that have done. That they go to jail and be persecuted for there crimes and actions. That this person may be caught and be seen for who they really are. That these people may be unmasked and see who,they really are. That they ashamed of what they are doing. That they mother, daughter and all other accomplice carry this burden and there consequences for the rest of there Life. I pray that they be caught and carry burden for the rest of there life. In the glorious name of Jesus Christ who was punished for our sins. I ask for this special prayer that they may be caught and be punished for there sins. In the name of Jesus
Christ, the holy cross. I also pray for my son Johnny who special named from John the Baptist protect him always and guide him the way. May Jesus be our savior and protector.