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Spanish cloistered nuns see surge in vocations

Catholic News Agency • 11/6/2009

'It is an unexpected boom in vocations when the Jesuits have just 20 novices in all of Spain, the Franciscans, five, and the Vincentians, two'. MADRID, Spain (CNA) - A 43 year-old prioresses has revolutionized an old Poor Clares convent in Spain, turning it onto a magnet for dozens of young ...

'Today the bigots we face are different. Caesar wears a different suit. He has great media handlers. He bullies religion while he claims to respect it. He talks piously about the law and equality and tolerance and fairness. But he still confuses himself with God -- and he still violates the rights of Catholic believers and institutions by intruding himself where he has no right to be.' (Archbishop Charles Chaput)

Archbishop Chaput on the 'Nature of the State, our Christian Faith and the Lay Vocation'

By • Catholic Online • 10/11/2009

'It's one of the great ironies of the moment that tiny Belmont Abbey would have the courage to challenge Caesar.' BELMONT, N.C. (Catholic Online) – Regular readers of Catholic Online are well aware of our deep admiration for the stellar leadership of Archbishop Charles Chaput of the Archdiocese of ...

Catholic Online

Testimony Could Move Nun closer to Beatification

By • The Catholic Herald (UK) • 9/4/2009

Mr Piperno, an Italian Jew who was among those saved from Nazi persecution by the Bridgettines, delivered his testimony to the Vatican last week. LONDON (UK Catholic Herald) - A Holocaust survivor has given evidence to support the canonisation of an English nun who hid Jews from the Nazis in ...

Catholic Online

Knights on EWTN

Catholic Online • 7/22/2009

The Knights of the Holy Eucharist will be featured for the first time ever on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” program on Thursday, July 30, at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. LOS ANGELES (Catholic Online) - The community seeks applicants between the ages of 17 and 21 and hopes to draw more young men right ...

Catholic Online

Becoming a Knight of the Holy Eucharist

By • Catholic Online • 7/22/2009

If you are interested in becoming a Knight of the Holy Eucharist, please send us a letter including an application. HANCEVILLE, Ala. (Catholic Online) - To become a Knight of the Holy Eucharist, a young man must meet the following requirements: 1. Be a single male Catholic in good standing with ...

Catholic Online

The Priesthood and Civilization

By • Catholic Online • 7/21/2009

When we see a large procession of priests dressed in their vestments, we see a powerful, worldwide army that has lasted for two thousand years. KNOXVILLE, TN (Catholic Online) - Even if we ignore the all-important spiritual blessings that we have received through the priesthood, we still owe a ...

Catholic Online

Anglican Nuns Becoming Catholic

By • Virtue on Line • 6/17/2009

The sisters have been in discernment about their future and the rumor mill has been churning for some time. CATONSVILLE, MD (Virtue on Line) - New Liturgical Movement is reporting that the Anglican All Saints Sisters of the Poor in Catonsville, Maryland have announced their intention to be received ...

The Christian Life Movement obtained recognition of the Apostolic See through a Decree of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, presided over by His Excellency Cardinal Eduardo Pironio.

Ecclesial Movements: The Christian Life Movement

By • Catholic Online • 6/5/2009

The invitation from Jesus Christ to go and evangelize the whole world is at the core of the Movement. DENVER (Catholic Online) - The Christian Life Movement - CLM (Movimiento de Vida Cristiana - MVC) was born in 1985, in Peru. At that time a number of initiatives from members of the Sodalitium ...

Catholic Online

Shunning the trappings of modernity, Poor Clare nuns embrace an arduous, spiritual existence

By • McClatchy Newspapers • 3/2/2009

Chicago Tribune (MCT) - By some measures, it might be the most exclusive club in the Chicago area. Thirteen women, bound by a singular devotion to God, eat, sleep, work and pray inside a humble south suburban monastery virtually hidden in plain sight. Inside the smooth gray walls, set back beneath ...

Catholic Online

Pope Encourages Ecclesial Movements

Catholic News Agency • 11/4/2008

Ecclesial movements and new communities which have flourished since Vatican Council II constitute a unique gift from the Lord. VATICAN CITY (CNA) - The movements and new communities within the Church are like “eruptions of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in contemporary society,” the Pope said ...

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