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Vocation Articles

Pope Benedict XVI, a priest of Jesus Christ, in prayer

Benedict XVI: Priesthood Is a Vocation, Not a Job

By • Zenit News Agency • 3/14/2011

The Pope said the priest "does not preach a Christianity a la carte, according to his own tastes, preaching a Gospel according to his own preferred ideas, according to his own theological ideas.He does not exempt himself from proclaiming the whole will of God, also the uncomfortable will, also ...

Father David Carter in front of Chartres Cathedral in France

Answering the Call: A Young Man's Journey to the Priesthood

By • Catholic Online • 3/14/2011

Father David Carter brings the idealism and energy of youth to the priesthood; yet, he also has a maturity and wisdom far beyond his thirty-one years. He is a holy priest. He could have been whatever he wanted in this life, enjoyed everything that the secular world has to offer. So why did he ...

The Nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation's mission is to preserve and bring new listeners to the Gregorian chant, an ancient form of sacred music.

Singing nuns bring Gregorian chant into the 21st century

By • Catholic Online • 12/9/2010

After a search of over 70 convents, stretching all the way from North America to Africa, the finest international selection of female vocalists was assembled for The Nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation. Their mission is to preserve and bring new listeners to the Gregorian chant, an ...

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Dominican Nuns of Mary Witness to Love on Oprah in Follow-up Appearance

By • Catholic Online • 11/25/2010

The Sisters opened some of their most sacred spaces and ceremonies in their convent in Ann Arbor, MI to Oprah producers who featured thirteen Sisters as they made their final vows.What was refreshingly obvious throughout this feature was that these women do not enter the convent as a rejection of ...

Dominican Sisters of Mary to Make Second Appearance on Oprah Winfrey Show

By • Catholic Online • 11/20/2010

It seems the Holy Spirit is happily busy pointing a delighted finger to one of His thriving religious orders in the heart of the Catholic Church. The Sisters seem excited about Wednesday's taping, saying "it was beautifully done." Was it simply ratings that drew Oprah to invite the Sisters of Mary ...

The Monks of 'Carmel of the Immaculate heart of Mary' come to us at the beginning of the Third Christian Millennium as a gift and a prophetic sign.

Mount Carmel Monastery Approved! Good News for the Monks and for the Church

By • Catholic Online • 10/11/2010

At an open public hearing before the Park County Board of Commissioners, the monks were given unanimous approval to proceed with building the new monastery. The Monks of Mt Carmel know that their calling to live a radical monastic life, in fidelity to the original vision of the ...

This March, the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors subpoenaed two members of the Saint Joseph Abbey - Abbot Justin Brown and Deacon Mark Coudrain.  If found guilty, the Abbot and Deacon will be subject to 180 days in jail and thousands of dollars in fines.

Monks Persecuted for Burying the Dead. Works of Mercy, Religious Freedom and Economic Liberty

By • Catholic Online • 8/24/2010

The State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors subpoenaed Abbot Justin Brown and Deacon Mark Coudrain.  If found guilty, the Abbot and Deacon will be subject to 180 days in jail and thousands of dollars in fines.The Monks of St. Joseph Abbey did not back down. They sought ...

The Monks of Mt. Carmel are a seed of the Springtime of the Catholic Church for the sake of the world.

Mount Carmel for America: Carmelite Monks, Messengers of New Springtime

By • Catholic Online • 8/9/2010

For many of our readers, the Monks of Mt Carmel are known for their absolutely wonderful "Mystic Monk Coffee", one of the ways they support their sacrificial life for the Lord. I encourage all of our readers to order it, drink it, and with every sip pray for these mighty men of ...

It seems the cloistered, self-sufficient community of the Abbey of Our Lady of the Annunciation near Avignon, France, also sees the world through a Benedictine ray of light, and is about to diffuse a radiant love all over the world through the slow, soaring movements of their Gregorian chant.

Rays of Musical Light: Cloistered Nuns Share Record Label With Elton John

By • Catholic Online • 7/29/2010

"[O]ur music appeals to a wider audience, secular and non-secular. The words have a very profound meaning that is coming from the Sacred Scripture. The singing in our daily lives is very important for us. It is our prayer," said Sister Raphael of the major record deal recently landed by her ...

Sister Mary Joseph, 63, was a Brahmin Hindu until 1971.

Carmelite Nun, former Hindu, on Pope's call for Religious Freedom

By • Asia News • 7/16/2010

Sister Mary Joseph, a former Brahmin Hindu, since 1977 has lived in the cloistered Carmelite Convent in Mumbai. Here she comments to AsiaNews the theme "Religious freedom, the path to peace", chosen by Pope Benedict XVI for World Day for Peace 2011. MUMBAI, India (AsiaNews) - Sister Mary Joseph, ...

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