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Vocation Articles

Trappist Monks combine business acumen with spiritual devotion to provide superior workmanship and value to clients.

Trappist monks' spirituality hailed as key to business success

By • Catholic Online • 2/28/2014

A spiritual focus on generous service and community is the key to success for the Trappist monks, not only in their business ventures but in all of their pursuits, said a businessman closely acquainted with the order. WASHINGTON D.C., February 26 (CNA/EWTN News) - Trappist monks build a culture of ...

Fathers Manuel Bravo, Chan Woo Lee, Eben MacDonald and Nabor Rios turn to the assembly gathered for their ordination to the priesthood June 2. VICTOR ALEMAN

Archbishop José H. Gomez on Praying for Priests and Promoting Vocations

By • The Tidings • 11/20/2012

Every priest is a sacrament - a sign and instrument that brings men and women to the encounter with the living God. So in this Year of Faith, we need to refocus ourselves, especially in our families, on helping men to hear this beautiful and noble calling from Jesus. BALTIMORE, MD (The Tidings) - I ...

Fr. Pontifex during a recent recording session for 'Yes to You.'

COL EXCLUSIVE: Fr. Pontifex - See what this priest does to deliver his powerful message

By • Catholic Online • 11/19/2012

He is a growing personality in the Catholic world and represents a new movement to engage the youth and reconvert the lost. Is he the Pope? A new bishop? A pop star? Well, he's not any of these things - yet. However, Fr. Pontifex, may eventually be all three, God willing. EVANSVILLE, IN (Catholic ...

Volunteers work side-by-side with the Sisters of Bon Secours to assist the poor of innercity Baltimore by serving in a soup kitchen, women's resource center, a community garden and within senior housing.

Sisters of Bon Secours Host Project Good Help to Assist Underserved in Baltimore

By • Sisters of Bon Secours • 7/17/2012

The Sisters of Bon Secours, an international community of Catholic women religious (sisters) with ministries in healthcare, human and social services, education and spiritual retreats, is welcoming volunteers to participate in Project Good Help®. This annual short-term service project will help ...

Stamullen Priory

Benedictine Monks from Oklahoma Move to Ireland's Stamullen Priory

By • Catholic Online • 3/17/2012

They seek to bring healing to a wounded Irish Church. I believe they are a first fruit of her restoration and a sign of her future contribution in a new missionary age. God has not abandoned the Church in Ireland. The Purification of the Church always precedes her healing, strengthening and ...

Our Lady of the Cenacle Icon of the Monastic community

Benedictine Monks from Oklahoma Become Missionaries to the Irish Church

By • Catholic Online • 1/28/2012

Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, and the brothers gathered with him, represent the best of the monastic life.  They are moving their entire community to Ireland, a land which once gave the world monks, missionaries, and martyrs. They are doing so in order to help bring about the healing of ...

Brother David with Mother Angelica

Knights of the Holy Eucharist Announce Facebook Page

By • Knights of Holy Eucharist • 12/21/2011

Young men 18 and older interested in our community are welcome to visit for up to two weeks. This way they can participate in our work and prayer and make a pilgrimage to this Shrine.Knights of the Holy Eucharist Announce Facebook Page HANCEVILLE, AL (Knights of the Holy Eucharist) - The ...

Caskets lovingly crafted by the Monks of New Melleray Abbey

Child Casket Fund: Trappist Monks of New Melleray Practice the Corporal Works of Mercy

By • Catholic Online • 12/15/2011

 New Melleray is a Cistercian (Trappist) monastery located in the beautiful rolling farmland south of Dubuque, Iowa. Thirty monks live in community - praying and working for the salvation of the whole world. Crafting childrens caskets is an act of love and a corporal work of mercy ...

Melkite Eparch Nicholas Samra

Melkite Catholic Church to Ordain Married Men to the Priesthood in the US

By • Catholic Online • 11/13/2011

The Bishop of the Melkite Eparchy of Newton, Massachusetts announced that the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in the United States would be ordaining married men to the priesthood. These comments raise significant questions of what the consequence of such a move might mean for this Eastern Catholic ...

Trappist Monks and Nuns Revive Interest in Monastic Vocations Online

By • Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance • 11/8/2011

For more than nine centuries, Trappist monks and nuns have witnessed to the gospel of Jesus Christ through a cloistered, communal life wholly ordered to contemplation. Cistercian communities across the U.S. are reaching out in new ways to revive awareness and interest in the monastic vocation. To ...

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