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Visitation to Kalaupapa is strictly limited, and unless you are invited by a resident, tours must be arranged through Damien Tours or the Hawaii Department of Health.
Kalaupapa hailed as 'beautiful natural prison'

By • Catholic Online • 8/2/2010

Of the splendor found in Hawaii, Kalaupapa, Molokai, is a naturally beautiful prison. Cut off from the rest of the world by 1600-foot cliffs on one side and ocean on the other, the area formerly served as a leper colony - for those afflicted with what we call today as Hansen's disease. LOS ANGELES, ...

James Joyce used the cat and the rat as a simile in 'Finnegan's Wake' when he describes someone as being '...As stuck as that cat to that mouse in that tube of that Christchurch organ...' The cat is chasing the rat in perpetuity behind glass in the crypt of the church.
Dublin cathedral features sweeping historical artifacts

By • Catholic Online • 7/30/2010

The Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin was founded in 1030 A.D. by the Hiberno-Norse king Sitriuc Silkenbeard and Dúnán, first Bishop of Dublin. Heralded as the original Viking church, the structure has been a part of Dublin and Irish history ever since. The wooden Viking structure was destroyed ...

The Kasubi Tombs before it was destroyed by fire in March of this year.
Ugandans vow to rebuild Kasubi Tombs

By • Catholic Online • 7/29/2010

The Kasubi Tombs, one of Uganda's holiest of sites was totally destroyed by fire in March of this year. Situated on Kasubi hill, within Kampala, Uganda, the tombs is an active religious place in the Buganda Kingdom, the largest of the traditional kingdoms in present-day Uganda. LOS ANGELES, CA ...

During the rainy season, the shallow salt lake perfectly mirrors the sky, creating bizarre illusions of infinity.
Salty Bolivian flat offers bizarre destination

By • Catholic Online • 7/29/2010

Salt, salt and more salt is what greets visitors to Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni. The area is 3,800 square miles of salt flat spread out across Bolivia's remote southwest. Described as an endless sheet of hexagonal tiles, created by the crystalline nature of the salt, Salar de Uyuni  is dotted ...

Before you go through an airport scanner, take metal items such as keys, loose change, mobile phones, pagers, and personal data assistants (PDAs) out of your pockets and declare them.
Airport scanners: Dress for success!

By • Catholic Online • 7/28/2010

A modern day component of increased national security is the airport scanner. Anyone who expects to fly domestically or abroad is expected to go through one before they are allowed to board. Intended to stop terrorists before they bring anything dangerous on board, many law-abiding travelers must ...

Universal Studios has since revamped the Kong portion of their tour that capitalizes on the public's recent fascination with 3-dimensional movies.
New Kong ride puts visitors in center of action

By • Catholic Online • 7/16/2010

Universal Studios' Hollywood Tour puts visitors' front-row-center with its new King Kong attraction. It's a vast improvement over the old animatronics giant gorilla that used to greet visitors to the amusement park, which was lost in a devastating studio fire two years ago. LOS ANGELES, CA ...

New Orleans has rebuilt its tourism after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area in 2005.
New Orleans regains spot as tourist destination

By • Catholic Online • 7/9/2010

New Orleans has apparently recovered from Hurricane Katrina, which struck and devastated the city five years ago this month. According to Travel + Leisure magazine, New Orleans lists as the seventh most visited city in the United States and Canada. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The magazine's ...

Fiji is famous for its welcoming tropical environment, scuba diving and surfing, with numerous surf camps located around the islands.
Fiji remains big draw for surfers, scuba divers

By • Catholic Online • 7/1/2010

Fiji, also known as the Fijian Islands is a big draw for tourists who want a tropical paradise for their vacations. Fiji is made up of 332 islands, 110 of which are inhabited, the capital being Suva. Fiji is located two thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) ...

Most islands in French Polynesia are only sparsely populated and forty of them remain uninhabited to this day.
French Polynesia ideal for exploring

By • Catholic Online • 7/1/2010

French Polynesia sits in the Pacific Ocean, halfway between South America and Australia. The nation is 118 volcanic and coral islands and atolls scattered across the waves. Many people mistakenly refer to French Polynesia as Tahiti, when in fact Tahiti is just the largest island, with half of that ...

At the Puppet Museum in Jakarta, you will be able to enjoy the indigenous Indonesian art form of shadow puppets.
Jakarta offers exotic sights and sounds for visitors

By • Catholic Online • 6/25/2010

The largest and most important in the sprawling Southeast Asian nation of Indonesia, Jakarta receives millions of visitors annually. Tourist attractions in Jakarta include historical monuments, religious places and entertainment venues. Jakarta is also famous for its glittering nightlife. LOS ...

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