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New York teachers make twice as much as those in South Carolina

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December 17th, 2013
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Those who teach often complain about how they're not paid enough for what they do. A new study, however, finds that an average teacher's annual salary is $56,383. Teachers in the state of New York are the highest paid in the country, earning $75,279 a year, which is almost twice their South Dakota counterparts.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Associate vice president at DePaul University in Chicago Jon Boeckenstedt, shows a staggering disparity between salaries at public elementary and secondary schools across the U.S.

While an average annual income of $56,383 would be desired by many Americans, this figure represents an actual drop since last year, when the estimated national average was $56,446, and from 2000, when average salaries were $57,240, adjusted for inflation.

Boeckenstedt's blog, Higher Ed Data Stories says that this decrease matches statistics which prove that most family incomes have fallen in recent years. "It's interesting to see teachers are doing OK, but in this economy no one is doing great," he says.

New York is not the only East Coast state to pay its teachers highly competitive wages. School teachers in Massachusetts average $73,129 a year, District of Columbia educators get $70,906 and Connecticut teachers receive around $69,766. California is only slightly behind, with average salaries of $69,324, according to the figures.

These states pay well to offset the higher cost of living.

The states with the highest paid teachers are:
1. New York               $75,279
2. Massachusetts      $73,129
3. D.C.                      $70,906
4. Connecticut           $69,766
5. California               $69,324
6. New Jersey           $68,797
7. Alaska                 $65,468
8. Maryland              $65,265
9. Pennsylvania        $63,521
10. Rhode Island       $63,474

The teachers with the lowest salaries were:
1. South Dakota     $39,580
2. Mississippi        $41,994
3. Oklahoma         $44,128
4. North Carolina   $45,947
5. West Virginia    $46,405
6. New Mexico      $46, 573
7. Arkansas          $46,573
8. Florida              $46,944
9. North Dakota     $47,344
10. Kansas           $47,464

However, despite cheaper living costs, educators in states like South Dakota have to make do earning much less. The state offers just $39,580 a year, making it the worst-paying location for teachers in the U.S.

Article brought to you by: Catholic Online (