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WARING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Al Qaeda execution of civilians in Syria - This is who we are about to help with military strikes

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
September 6th, 2013
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A video that depicts al Qaeda rebels executing Syrian civilians needs to be featured because these are the people the U.S. may be helping by striking at Syria. Although the use of chemical weapons against civilians is entirely unjustified, so is the behavior of the rebels.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - A way must be found to say no to Assad and his evil without saying yes to the atrocities committed by the Syrian rebels, many of whom are affiliated with al Qaeda and are murdering civilians as quickly as the regime.

A video follows this article. We must warn you, the video is graphic and shows the execution of three hooded civilians by gunfire. Their executioners are al Qaeda affiliates and are seen holding an al Qaeda flag in the background. One of those holding the flag may be a woman.

In the video, the terrorists identify the civilians as supporters of the Assad regime before publicly executing them. The video shows the actual execution.

Civilians are targets for the terrorists, just the same as members of the Syrian Army.

The Obama administration has debated arming these same rebels, but has wisely refrained despite promises to do so, amid the increasing evidence that al Qaeda has infiltrated the Free Syrian Army and now comprises the substantial portion of its forces.

It is impossible now to separate al Qaeda from the Syrian rebellion.

However, Obama is intent on involving the United States in the conflict with what he claims will be "a limited military strike with no boots on the ground."

Pearl Harbor was also "a limited military strike with no boots on the ground."

Terrorists have used chemical weapons before, at least according to a detailed 100-page report sent to the UN by the Russians in July. That report detailed a chemical attack on March 19 that involved terrorist fighters. According to a statement released by Russian and UN officials, rebels deployed the poison gas in that attack which killed over two-dozen civilians.

Despite the report, it does appear evident that the regime is responsible for the Aug 21 attacks.

Nonetheless, both sides are committing atrocities and the United States may be preparing to enter the fray -on the side of the terrorists.

Although American involvement is expected to be "limited" no plan of war survives first contact with the enemy. Russia and China have assets in the region, and promises from both the regime and Iran claim that Israel will pay if the U.S. strikes.

Israel has promised to defend itself.

The likelihood of an expanded conflict is very real as al Qaeda terrorists, in all their low-tech sophistication, drag the United States into their conflict where we too can join the suffering, even aiding their cause.

That Obama is even considering such a move is astounding.

So, as Congress debates how much permission to give Obama in attacking a nation which has done nothing to harm the U.S. and poses no imminent threat to our people, the terrorists are carrying out vigilante executions in the street.

Click below to see the proof that we're about to support terrorists. Assad should be condemned and punished for his crimes. But criminally involving ourselves in them in no way promotes justice for the victims.


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