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United States, Holland and Britain are the largest providers of pornography in the world

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August 20th, 2013
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Once only available in rundown bookstores in inner cities, the most explicit pornography is now available with the few clicks of a computer keyboard. A world league table has revealed the countries which view the most pornography - little surprise, the United States leads the pack, with the much smaller nations of Holland and Great Britain coming in at second and third.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The U.S. takes a 60 percent share of global internet pornography. Furthermore, two thirds of all U.S. porn sites are hosted in California with the U.S. hosting a total of 4.2 million domains containing porn.

The Netherlands, notorious for its stand on "personal freedoms" host over a quarter of the porn, with 1.8 million domains carrying an astonishing 187 million pages of porn.

The smaller U.K. hosts 52 million pages of porn, behind only the U.S. and Holland. The U.K. is home to 512,000 domains hosting 52 million pages of porn.

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 Germany follows behind at fourth with a 1.16 percent share accounting for eight million pages of porn spread over 80,000 domains.

The Top 10 Countries Where Porn Web Sites are hosted reads thusly:

1. United States
2. Netherlands
3. United Kingdom
4. Germany
5. France
6. Canada
7. Japan
8. Australia
9. British Virgin Islands
10. Czech Republic

While Germany has more than double the U.K.'s web hosting capacity, the U.K. has more than six times the amount of porn pages.

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The U.K. is believed to be the ninth most connected country in the world in terms of the number of internet users.

A call for restrictions on registering pornographic Web sites on Britain's national domain has been called for by John Carr, a government adviser on child Internet safety.

"My beef has always been about the ease with which children can be exposed to it or can access it," Carr wrote on his blog.

"Thus, if the Germans can insist that hard core porn publishers on their territory must tie the supply of such content to an age verification process, couldn't we try something similar?"

The data was compiled by California-based filtering company MetaCert December 2011 through August 2013.

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