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FROM THE AIR: Scientology space-alien landing pad finally found

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
August 16th, 2013
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Scientology, the religion founded by science-fiction pulp author L. Ron Hubbard has long preached of salvation from aliens from faraway worlds who are supposed to land on Earth after Armageddon. For the first time, aerial photos taken high above the New Mexico desert have finally revealed the landing area for these promised-for aliens. The photos reveal a compound that is lavish yet highly terrestrial in design - coupled with markings in the ground intended to welcome flying saucers.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Located 20 miles from nearest town, the compound has a landing strip and its own water supply.

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The mysterious building leads to an underground vault next to two giant symbols carved into the ground. The markings are believed to be markers for the religion's followers to find their way back from the ends of the universe after mankind is destroyed in the future.

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The pair of overlapping circles carved into the earth, each with a diamond in them, is believed to have been trademarked by the Church of Technology, a branch of Scientology.

The markers are thought to be a "return point" so fellow Scientologists can find the works of founder L. Ron Hubbard when they come back from space after a nuclear war.

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Behind the three-story house are tunnels dug hundreds of feet deep into the rock. Hubbard's texts, either engraved on stainless steel tablets or gold discs are reportedly encased in titanium capsules underground.

The world has previously only seen grainy satellite images and blurry pictures of the top-secret "Trementina Base," but these are the first fascinating photographs of the structure up-close.

The house itself is built against a flat, stone buttress that blends into the mountain itself.

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Down a paved path is a mile-long landing strip, water storage units as well as several RV trailers. The entire complex of buildings and temporary structures sits atop 50-60 acres nestled in the heart of the New Mexico desert 20 miles west of the nearest town of Las Vegas.

The compound appeared uninhabited at the time the photos were taken, save for a lone dog walking the grounds.

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Tim Gallagos, ex-police chief of the Las Vegas, New Mexico, Sheriff's Department, was given a tour of the vault by church officials in the late 1990s. He's reportedly the only non-Scientologist to have ever visited the site.

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Within the stone walls are several machines copying the works of Hubbard. "They were transferring writings, speeches and videos. This vault is like a giant time capsule and they told me all the scriptures are being kept there.

"I visited the base because we wanted to dispel the rumors that there were cameras in the trees and sharp shooters hiding everywhere, waiting to kill anyone who entered . I didn't see that, but my visit was planned and so they wouldn't show me any bad side [if there was one]."

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