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Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage draws highly mixed response

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
June 27th, 2013
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The Supreme Court's decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA and Proposition 8 this week has both delighted and disappointed figures on all sides of the political spectrum. Defenders of Traditional marriage vow they will soldier on.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Brian Brown, the head of the National Organization for Marriage has admitted that his group, along with other like-minded U.S. citizens now faces an uphill battle. 

"Obviously it's a loss to say that the federal government has no right to define marriage as it's always understood," Brown said. "It is just legal chicanery. It's untrue. It's a bad decision."

Speaker John A. Boehner expressed his disappointment. Boehner had led House Republicans in paying for a court defense of the federal law after the Obama administration declined to back it in court, said he was disappointed in the ruling.

"A robust national debate over marriage will continue in the public square, and it is my hope that states will define marriage as the union between one man and one woman," Boehner said.

Even homosexual activists have expressed their reservations. Senator Tammy Baldwin, Democrat of Wisconsin, the first openly gay person to serve in the Senate says that gays and lesbians still have a long way to go before achieving full legal equality, despite the progress evident from the Supreme Court's ruling.

"This progress is defined by the ideal that more and more Americans want to leave to the next generation a country that is more equal, not less," she said. Same-sex marriage is not recognized in 38 states.

Bishop V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, who 10 years ago became the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, had a different viewpoint about the rulings, saying that they were about respect.

 "It's really about respect, and the respect of the society in which one lives. You don't realize it if you've already got it, but if you don't have it and then you get it, it's an amazing gift."

He and his longtime partner, Mark Andrew, were married on Jan. 1, 2010, the first day that same-sex marriage was legal in New Hampshire. They had been joined in a civil union in 2008.

Article brought to you by: Catholic Online (