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Prominent Catholic professor claims IRS audited her after speaking against Obama

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May 15th, 2013
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Startling allegations are emerging in the midst of the Internal Revenue Service scandal. Dr. Anne Hendershott, a devout Catholic and a noted sociologist, professor and author, says that she believes she may have been one of the IRS's targets. Hendershott claims that the IRS audited her in 2010 and demanded to know who was paying her and "what their politics were."

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Hendershott says she received a phone in May of that year in which she said she was being audited. A letter that followed on May 19, 2010 solidified the IRS's request to meet her in person two months later in July. The professor told the Blaze that she believes that the situation surrounding hers was more-than-curious.

"The IRS calls my house and says . 'I just wanted to let you know that we're going to be auditing your business' and I said 'My businesses?' and he said, 'You know the expenses you take off for writing," she recalls.

Not operating an entrepreneurial endeavor in the traditional sense, Hendershott was surprised she was being audited on business grounds. Hendershott occasionally freelances for Catholic outlets and for the Wall Street Journal - can this be considered a "business" activity?

"I don't make a lot of money from writing. In fact most years I don't show a profit," she says, adding that the outlets and organizations she has written for haven't paid her a cent.

The circumstances surrounding the audit grow even more suspicious. Hendershott noted it was odd, that she, and not her and her husband, who file jointly, were not being audited. Her husband, who brings in the vast majority of the family's income, was not included in the IRS's inquiry. The agent then explained that she would need to come alone and in person to discuss her "business" activity in July of 2010, the professor was perplexed.

"[The IRS agent] didn't even let me decide when it would be good for me . He didn't want my husband to come," she said of the meeting, which was held at an IRS office in New Haven, Connecticut.

The process included many questions that Hendershott felt were political in nature. Numerous records were requested before the in-person meeting, as well as during and after.

"Every question had to do with bank deposits we made. Every single question," she said. "What is this money? And I didn't know a lot of it. We had to go to our bank and get deposits back. We had to get records showing where the money came from."

The agent then wanted to know if the monies came from groups and, if so, what the organizations' politics were.

Hendershott has penned op-eds for the Wall Street Journal. Many of these writings were critical of President Barack Obama and his policies. She also was critical of left-leaning purportedly "Catholic" groups, and said that these groups were not Catholic.

Hendershott can't help but wonder if her writings against progressive groups played a role in her audit. It's obvious that before she was notified by the IRS she was commenting regularly about matters of faith and politics and, in particular, ObamaCare. While she doesn't have proof that the IRS investigation was political in nature, she has strong suspicions that it was.

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