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Mickey Mouse may help with your cell phone bill

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May 12th, 2013
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When we think of Walt Disney, we think first of Mickey Mouse, perhaps Disneyland, Walt Disney World and G-rated movies. Now, everyone knows that the Walt Disney Company is much, much more and then some, with various businesses spread all over the globe. What may come as a surprise is that kindly old Uncle Walt may be offering a hand to help you with your cell phone bill! Read below -

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Truth be told, a lot of people use their cell phones for far more than placing calls. A lot of people use their phones to watch TV and movies. For example, watching a few episodes of "Game of Thrones" on their phone is bound to run into your data cap rather quickly. Your cell phone bill then becomes a much dreaded items that pop up in your mail.

Sports fans in particular are struck by this problem. According to the Wall Street Journal, ESPN is reportedly in talks with wireless carriers to subsidize data plans by allowing its mobile content to not be counted toward data limits. That would let users catch the game without worrying about overage rates, and ESPN would cover the difference.

Since Disney is the majority owner of ESPN, most of that cost would fall on Mickey Mouse's animated shoulders. The iconic animator's broader media networks segment, which includes the results from ESPN, comprised 47 percent of revenue last quarter and 74 percent of operating income.

No wireless carrier has been named as of yet, but it's fairly easy to narrow down the candidates. The top two carriers, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, are the ones fully embracing data caps and tiered pricing plans. Both are also both pushing their pricey shared data plans, which tend to cost more per gigabyte.

The smaller two candidates, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile pitch unlimited data plans as a point of differentiation as part of their respective value propositions. T-Mobile still stops users after hitting a certain threshold, but subscribers can pay to raise or eliminate that line in the sand. Sprint does not.

For investors, Walt Disney is far more than just theme parks and cartoons, highly prized for its diversity.

Article brought to you by: Catholic Online (