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Cardinal Mahony deposed again, did he leave for Rome?

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February 25th, 2013
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Cardinal Mahony has  been deposed once again for his role in numerous child sex abuse cover-ups. His latest deposition occurred on Saturday with a marathon session that lasted over three hours.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Described as "relatively unflappable" Cardinal Roger Mahony was deposed for 3 and-a-half hours on Saturday by attorneys representing the victim in a molestation case. Lawyers grilled Mahony with questions over how he handled cases which came to his desk.

Lawyers say he remained calm and collected during the deposition. The most recent deposition was filled with new questions that arose from the publication of church records concerning pedophile priests.

Following the deposition, Mahony was scheduled to board a flight to Italy where he will attend a papal conclave and participate in electing the new pope following the planned resignation of Benedict XVI on Feb. 28.

Mahony has been asked not to attend that conclave by concerned Catholics who fear his presence will taint the election of a new pope. The former archbishop was presented with a petition containing the signatures of nearly 10,000 Catholics who were asking him not to attend.

The petition was organized by Catholics United.

Church officials have not commented on Mahony's deposition or his departure to Rome.

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