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O'Connor lawyer blames TUMOR for BILLION dollar gambling spree

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February 15th, 2013
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The tumor made her do it, or so said Maureen O'Connor's lawyer defending his client against allegations that she spent $1 billion over nine years on a gambling addiction. Connor, 66, was the former mayor of San Diego who took a plea deal after gambling millions taken from a charitable trust.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - O'Connor lost a billion dollars over nine years playing video poker at various casinos in the San Diego and Los Angeles area. Some of the money she gambled was kept in a charitable trust established by her late husband, who earned the fortune after founding the Jack in the Box fast-food chain.

After being charged for gambling the money, O'Connor took a plea deal from prosecutors that will save her from jail time, provided she pays $2 million in restitution and gets counseling.

Her lawyer suggested today that the addiction was a result of a brain tumor. To back the claim, he provided brain scans from a surgery she underwent in 2011.

O'Connor is now nearly destitute. O'Connor has apologized for what has happened and will be getting help.

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