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Sheriff deputies accused of membership in secret gang - Los Angeles

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February 7th, 2013
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Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca is firing seven sheriff's deputies for belonging to a gang within the department. Known as the "Jump Out Boys" the department claims the secret society endorsed aggressive policing tactics and glorified shootings.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Complete with tattoos and a mission statement, the Jump Out Boys were identified when a  former member came forward and identified the gang to internal investigators.

It is important to note that their shootings have been reviewed and investigators say they have found nothing unlawful. However, they are still being terminated because the department says their image tarnishes the department's image and encourages unethical conduct.

The seven members slated for termination are part of the sheriff's anti-gang squad and are tasked with removing weapons from the street among other duties.

At least one member has come forward to the media, under the condition of anonymity and told the Los Angeles Times, "We get called a gang within the badge? It's unfair," he said. "People want to say you have a tattoo. So do fraternities. Go to Yale. Are they a gang?.... Boy Scouts have patches and they have mission statements, and so do we."

The Jump Out Boys tattoo features a grinning skull holding a revolver. The tattoo could be upgraded if the deputy was involved in a shooting.

A pamphlet for the Jump Out Boys reads in part, "We are alpha dogs who think and act like the wolf, but never become the wolf. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty without any disgrace, dishonor or hesitation... sometimes [members] need to do the things they don't want to in order to get where they want to be."

The termination proceedings are a process and that process has only begun. The individuals may challenge their termination and are expected to do so.

Again, it should be emphasized that there is no reported evidence of criminal wrongdoing on part of the Jump Out boys at this time.

It is believed that the gang has much wider membership than the seven men who are slated for firing.

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