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Bus driver donates $34,000 to special needs school - Denver

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February 1st, 2013
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A special needs school has received a substantial donation from a former bus driver. Darel Landers, who passed away in Sept. 2011, was a bus driver for the school during the 1980s. Landers left the generous donation to the school in his estate.

DENVER, CO (Catholic Online) - Area residents commonly make donations to the school, but not normally in the amount of $34,000, which is what was sent in an envelope with the note that read, "Beneficiary Fletcher Miller School, from Darel Landers."

The donation reflects the lives that are touched by the school's work.

Landers drove a bus for the school during the 1980s and passed away in Sept. 2011.

The money he donated has been used to place a new brick and granite monument to mark the entrance to the school and to advertise their presence. The school replaced an older, more diminutive wooden sign.

A previous donation of $750,000 from the late Robert Brown, a painter at the school, was used to build a greenhouse for the students. The greenhouse opened last year.

Fletcher Miller School serves special needs students.

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