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Hillary gets super PAC, already working towards 2016

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
January 29th, 2013
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The clamor to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton in 2016 has already started. The first major effort to push her into office has been launched by the new super-PAC, "Ready for Hillary." The group will also initiate a website in the coming weeks.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The group, "Ready for Hillary" is the newest super-PAC, and already has over 50,000 followers on Twitter and about 30,000 fans on Facebook. Despite the humble beginnings, the movement is likely to become fully fledged over the next year or so.

Hillary Clinton, the former first lady and secretary of state, has not yet said if she plans to run for the White House in 2016, however she is often touted as a favorite of the left. She would also be the first female president, and her husband, Bill Clinton, would become the first man.

Despite the great history Clinton would make by virtue of her resume and as the first female president of the United States, Clinton has an unfortunate reputation of affiliating herself with anti-life movements. Clinton has previously voiced her support for abortion and other practices that actively contravene and destroy life in the womb.

Ready for Hillary is being led by Allida Black and Judy Beck, two longtime supporters who previously helped her raise $100,000. The women also supported her bid for the presidency in 2008, although Clinton quit the race early.

Despite the early quit in 2008, the left has long been eyeing Hillary for 2016. Some speculate her work as Secretary of State was designed to groom her for succeeding Obama. However, the terror attacks in Benghazi in 2012, threatened to embroil her in controversy that almost cost her reputation.

Clinton is finishing her work as Secretary of State over the next couple of weeks. After that time, it is expected that the website will be launched and the movement will begin in earnest. Both the early start and the relative experience of her supporting staff means she should be well positioned for 2016.

Conservatives and pro-lifers will need to stage a monumental effort if they truly want to rival Clinton's bid.

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