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News for Caturday, woman uses cat as weapon against police - Orlando

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
January 10th, 2013
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An Orlando woman employed a novel device to resist arrest for the attempted murder of her boyfriend. Lisa Frink, 45, threw her cat at police and fought them with a concrete trowel before she was eventually subdued and arrested.

ORLANDO, FL (Catholic Online) - While it may not make the "Caturday" posts on the social networking sites, Lisa Frink may be deserving of attention. After slashing her boyfriend multiple times for his refusal to allow her to use his food benefit card, police responded in force.

Fink fled into a shed when police arrived so police sent a dog to subdue her. In reaction, Fink picked up her cat and threw it at the dog. The cat latched onto the dog's muzzle and held on. When police caught up with her, cornered in the shed, she armed herself with a concrete trowel and swung it at officers.

A second dog was sent to assist and after biting Fink twice, she went to the ground but refused to be handcuffed. Officers then used a chemical spray to gain compliance.

Police have revealed that Fink suffers from a medical condition and had not taken her medication that day. She was arrested and booked for attempted murder and harming a police dog, among other charges.

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