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U.S. may see first maglev train by 2014 - Orlando

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
December 12th, 2012
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Orlando may soon have the nation's first regularly operating maglev train, provided the private firm pitching the idea can overcome a few bureaucratic obstacles. The train could see service as early as 2014 and connect the airport to the convention center.

ORLANDO, FL (Catholic Online) - The maglev project was approved by the Metro Orlando planning agency with some caveats. The American Maglev Technology project will see a magnetically levitated train hauling passengers through Orlando , connecting the airport to the convention center, as soon as 2014.

The plan still needs to win agreements from the state Department of Transportation and complete several fiscal impact studies. An agreement on how fares might be shared with SunRail must also be approved.

If the maglev is built and operates successfully, it may be expanded and see service in other cities. The technology has already been thoroughly tested on a track outside Atlanta, Georgia.

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