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City to break snow-free record - Chicago

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
December 10th, 2012
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Kids might not take much delight In a new record being set by the weather in Chicago, but adults and travelers probably won't mind too much. Chicago is on track to break an 18-year-old record of days without snow accumulation.

CHICAGO, IL (Catholic Online) - It has either been too warm, or all anticipated snow has missed the city entirely, leaving Chicago with only light dustings so far. As of this afternoon, the city has tied its 18-year record for the most consecutive days without snow accumulation, at 280 days.

To be clear, there has been some snow, but the snow must accumulate to count. This hasn't happened yet.

Some areas further north and inland have reported some accumulation.

The spell is very much tied to a long-running drought that has left much of the region dryer than normal. Last year's snow season also ended early, contributing to the string of snowless days.

Meanwhile, stronger storm systems to the north promise the make sure that the record of 280 days isn't broken by much. Most of the city's snowfall comes after Dec. 9, so there's no reason for kids to fear a snow-free Chicago just yet.

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